Technical measures for electrical fire safety at t

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Technical measures for electrical fire safety at the construction site

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1 the construction site should be equipped with sufficient water sources and ABC dry powder fire extinguishers. The site layout is reasonable, and sufficient fire safety passages are reserved

2 distribution boxes, magnetic starters, etc. must be installed in special distribution rooms. If installed outdoors, waterproof and dust-proof measures must be taken. Copper cores shall be selected for the lines leading to all electrical equipment and threaded in copper tubes. Wires and pipelines shall be sealed and laid along the outer wall as far as possible

3 the lighting fixtures and electrical switches in the explosion hazard workshop should be explosion-proof or anti external projection lighting, and the switches should be installed outdoors

4 no wires or cables are allowed to be erected above the dangerous workshop

5 to prevent the energy consumption of magnesium in the raw material production stage from being much greater than that of steel lightning, an independent lightning rod should be installed, and the distance from the building should not be less than 3 meters. The grounding device and electrostatic device should be separated, and the distance from underground pipelines, cables and other metal objects should not be less than 3 meters

6 to prevent fires caused by electric sparks, appropriate explosion-proof electrical equipment or enclosed electrical equipment should be selected when there are combustion and explosion hazards

7 select qualified products, formulate strict operating procedures and inspection systems, and establish a regular maintenance system to ensure the normal operation of electricity

8 wires introduced into places prone to olefins and explosives are well insulated and laid in steel pipes to prevent electric sparks due to short circuits

9 during electric welding and gas welding operations, the fire safety regulations should be strictly observed without any carelessness. In places where graphene can also be improved with plastic plates or impact strength of impact resistant devices like impact punches without a starting point or an end point, candles, firewood or ordinary lamps should not be used for lighting, and closed or explosion-proof electrical lighting should be used. Smoking and carrying matches and lighters are prohibited

10 install and repair all circuits, ensure zero connection, and prevent arc, spark, overload, impedance heat and short circuit caused by overload

11 protect each circuit with fuses and current breakers. Fuses and current circuit breakers should be installed in a box close to the workplace (each circuit should be clearly marked)

12 a fixed wire line should be used instead of an extended flexible line to avoid damage to the circuit. Do not use multiple plugs in the road to avoid overloading the line

13 install a separate control switch at each working point to avoid line overload and cut off the power supply immediately in case of emergency

14 during the work of the generator set, there must be a full-time electrician on duty. It is strictly forbidden to stack sundries and inflammables around the generator room. It should be kept clean and equipped with fire-fighting equipment

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