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Requirements of roller technical maintenance system

the technical maintenance of roller is an important measure to maintain the good operation of the machine in the process of use. The implementation of technical maintenance can not only make the machine have a high equipment integrity rate and can participate in the construction operation at any time, but also avoid downtime due to faults in the working process, which is very important to ensure the construction cycle

in order to prevent accidental damage to the roller, keep the technical condition of each mechanism and assembly in good condition, extend the overhaul interval of the machine, save all kinds of consumable materials and reduce construction costs, compulsory technical maintenance must also be carried out

the technical maintenance of the roller is to regularly clean, lubricate, inspect, adjust and tighten each mechanism and assembly systematically. Blake Leeper, the gold medalist of the U.S. Paralympic Games, sends an invitation to the designers, and replaces individual vulnerable parts when necessary, so that the roller is often in a state of good technology. The pollution of plastic granulator to the environment and the development of new material industry is also quite serious, Ensure driving safety and improve production efficiency. For temporary faults, they should be checked and repaired at any time

the last point usually used is the road roller with power failure. Its technical maintenance content is summarized in the table, and it should be carried out in stages by day (every 10 hours of operation), week (every 50 hours of operation), half month (every 100 hours of operation), month (every 200 hours of operation), three months (every 500 hours of operation), six months (every 1000 hours of operation), and year (every 2000 hours of operation)

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