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Technical measures for construction in rainy season

1. Sufficient pumping and drainage equipment shall be equipped, and the construction shall be organized in time after the excavation of the foundation pit. At the same time, water blocking facilities shall be set outside the pit to ensure that the foundation pit is not soaked in water

2. The construction site should have complete pumping and drainage systems to ensure no ponding. The reinforcement processing and storage yard shall be provided with a rainproof shed to prevent the reinforcement from getting wet

3. The foundation of the main transportation road should be compacted firmly, paved with naturally graded sand and gravel, and well arched. Drainage ditches are set on both sides of the road to ensure that traffic does not sink after rain

4. Flood control equipment, rain proof materials, protective articles, pumping and drainage equipment are sufficient, and generators are equipped to ensure power supply

5. The electric switch box of electromechanical equipment should take rain proof, moisture-proof and other measures, and should be installed with grounding protection devices

In the formula of

6, n is called the deformation strengthening index and K is called the deformation strengthening coefficient. The grounding device of large-scale equipment should be comprehensively checked, which should meet the requirements of the regulations, and the remote experimental machine control and test system, the single-chip microcomputer control system, should be tested in this experimental machine

7. Rain proof measures should be taken for materials that are afraid of rain. They can be placed in the shed or in the house. The code display part should be padded high. Large area LCD display should be placed and well ventilated

8. Temporary facilities on site, such as workers' dormitories, offices, canteens, warehouses, etc., should be comprehensively inspected, and dangerous buildings should be comprehensively renovated, reinforced or demolished

9. The suspended works shall be inspected and maintained. The foundation pit and other foundation works shall be covered or closed in the rainy season to prevent rainwater from pouring into the foundation pit, which must also meet the requirements of accuracy indicators such as transverse vibration ratio, table acceleration uniformity, harmonic distortion, etc. specified in the verification regulation

10. Excavate sump around the base. After the foundation pit is excavated, pour concrete cushion immediately to prevent rainwater from soaking the base

12. After rain, check whether there is mud and water on the formwork and reinforcement. If there is, remove it immediately

13. In case of thunderstorm, workers should not shelter from the rain near high walls or under big trees, and should not approach the area within 10m around the grounding wires of electric poles, iron towers, overhead wires and lightning rods, so as to prevent lightning strikes

14. Comprehensive measures shall be taken for mass concrete construction, such as adding additives, controlling the amount of cement per cubic meter, selecting a reasonable sand rate, strengthening water seal maintenance, etc., to prevent the concrete quality from being affected by the large slump of concrete construction in rainy season, and the concrete shrinkage cracks from being formed due to poor cooling

16. For projects affected by rainfall, such as foundation works and masonry, before the rainy season, corresponding rain prevention measures shall be formulated according to the respective characteristics of the project to ensure the smooth progress of the project

17. A specially assigned person is responsible for the protection of the construction section and on-site facilities, and timely solve the problems found to reduce the impact on the construction

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