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The current situation of the "weight loss" plan of bottle warming glass bottles after summer and autumn is very good, but we must be farsighted, otherwise this good market situation of glass bottles will be quickly replaced

after summer, bottles will warm up in autumn and winter.

glass bottle manufacturers should see the essence through the phenomenon and recognize the market situation, so as to be able to be comfortable in the future development

in the new round of retro feelings and calls for packaging safety, the market demand for glass bottle packaging is constantly increasing. In recent years, it has been reused by many manufacturers in some high-end mineral water, beverages, food and other fields. This has led to a significant increase in orders for glass bottle packaging. With the increasing order volume, many of our glass bottle manufacturers are close to saturation. In recent years, with the restrictions of the state on high energy consuming enterprises, the entry threshold of glass bottle manufacturers is constantly improving, and the number of glass bottle manufacturers remains basically unchanged, but the market demand is constantly warming

now, with the development of the high-end food market, it has indeed brought tangible orders to many glass bottle manufacturers. Therefore, many glass bottle manufacturers are tired of dealing with the market, without considering the underwater dangers of the market. After all, the current market's preference for glass bottles is not due to the fact that in the long-distance logistics conditions, glass encourages 8 institutes, Yangpu and other regions to actively carry out point-to-point border trade cooperation with Vietnam and other border trade zones. Glass bottle packaging has improved some of its own defects, and it is not a new innovation in glass bottle packaging. It is the demand for packaging differentiation in the high-end packaging market

the "weight loss" plan of glass bottles

in the early days, glass bottles were the only choice. In recent years, great changes have taken place. The pattern of glass bottles dominating the world has been broken, and plastic bags, PET bottles and concave barrels have successively entered the liquid condiment market

pet bottles are similar to glass bottles in scale and capacity, but they are lighter and have better luster than glass bottles, and have bottle caps that can be used repeatedly; PE barrels are generally large in capacity, suitable for occasions where consumption is relatively fast, and the repeated sealing is also very good; Plastic bags provide better economy. The sealing packaging of glass cans and tinplate caps has excellent sealing performance. Compared with other sealing performance such as plastic bottle caps, tinplate caps occupy a great advantage in packaging that pays great attention to food safety. Second, glass cans often have a large mouth, which is convenient for filling and transportation. At the same time, people can also easily take out the packaging, so it is more convenient. It is suitable for the packaging of fruits, fermented bean curd and other lumps. C. the hydraulic system leaks oil or the oil return valve is not tightly closed

on the one hand, it saves a lot of raw materials, which means a reduction in cost for a glass bottle manufacturer. On the other hand, with the reduction of the weight of glass bottles, the logistics cost in the transportation process will also be greatly saved. The shape of glass cans often looks heavy, but today, when we pay attention to lightweight packaging, we can see on the shelves of supermarkets that glass cans still occupy a large market share, which is inseparable from some of the advantages of glass cans

energy saving desire of glass bottles

the word "ecology", the weight is comparable to the total weight of all glass bottles

one way to save energy is to increase the amount of broken glass. The amount of broken glass added abroad reaches 60% - 70%. The most ideal is to use composite Portland cement GB 12958 ⑴ 999100% broken glass to achieve the goal of "ecological" glass production. At present, the method commonly adopted by developed countries is to select multi group and multi drop forming machines. For example, the machine speed of 12 groups of double drop row bottle making machines produced abroad can exceed 240/min, which is more than 4 times higher than the 6 groups of single drop molding machines commonly used in China

the whole production process is timely controlled by computer, which can ensure the best molding conditions, ensure the high quality of products, operate more stably and reliably, and have a very low scrap rate. Large kilns matching high-speed molding machines must have the ability to supply a large amount of high-quality liquid glass stably, and the temperature and viscosity of the droplets must meet the requirements of the best molding conditions

therefore, the composition of raw materials must be very stable. Most refined standardized raw materials used by glass bottle manufacturers in developed countries are provided by specialized raw material manufacturers. The thermal parameters of the furnace to ensure the melting quality should adopt the digital control system to realize the optimal control of the whole process

with the development of technology, plastic cans and other low-cost packaging materials have appeared in recent years, posing a challenge to glass can packaging. Weight reduction and cost reduction are two aspects that glass cans need to pay attention to in the future

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