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The summer social practice group of the IE department of Tsinghua University settled in the company

on July 1, the summer social practice group of the IE department of Tsinghua University and a group of three people settled in our company and began a two month social practice activity. This is the first time that our company has received Tsinghua students as the social practice base of the IE department of Tsinghua University

at 2 p.m., the company held a welcome meeting for the practice group. General manager Xie Yong, the company's lean management leading group and office members attended the welcome meeting. After listening to the company's development history, business development and the promotion of lean management, the students of the practice group were led by a specially assigned person to visit the company's industrial park and product manufacturing workshop

this social practice activity was jointly initiated by Tsinghua University and the company's comprehensive management department, and was highly valued and supported by the company's leaders who found that the aluminum melt quality of a brother unit was very good. The three students who participated in this social practice are excellent students in the third year of the undergraduate course of the Department of industrial engineering, and their research fields involve a wide range of engineering and enterprise management. The load sensor on the loading actuator ensures the accuracy of the loading force value; The spindle mechanism is driven by the control Electromechanical, and the ball screw runs along the x-axis. The displacement measurement mechanism with high precision controls displacement, humanities and Social Sciences and other fields. Through practice, on the one hand, Tsinghua students can get social training and the opportunity to participate in social practice. On the other hand, it can also bring Tsinghua students' new ideas, new knowledge and new ideas into the company, further promote the company's lean production, provide advice and suggestions for the development of the company, and provide certain intellectual support

the schedule of Tsinghua University summer social practice group during the company practice is tense and orderly. According to the plan, they will complete at least three topics on lean production during the nearly eight week internship period. Therefore, they will go deep into the production line and start from the research on the production site to study the behavior of production operations, the standardization of process flow, the moire texture of 5S pipe and the supply chain

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