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Overview: try to talk about the relevance between the paper industry and the packaging industry (III)

paper packaging products are widely used because they have many advantages, such as light texture, easy processing and molding, good printing performance, etc. the main reason is that the world's growing demand for environmental protection, advocating "green packaging", and paper packaging products are harmless to the ecological environment and human health; It can be recycled and recycled; It can be incinerated or degraded, which meets the requirements of "green packaging". In recent years, there has been an upsurge of "replacing plastic with paper" in the world, causing paper packaging to further replace plastic packaging, so as to eliminate the "white pollution" caused by disposable foamed plastic tableware and plastic film bags

paper packaging products are packaging products with pulp and paperboard as the main raw materials. The product range includes paper containers such as cartons, cartons, paper bags, paper cans, paper cans, etc; Paper cushion packaging products such as pulp molding, paper liner, paper tray, paper corner protector, etc; Corrugated cardboard, honeycomb cardboard and other paper plates and their products; Paper lunch boxes, paper trays, paper cups and other disposable paper tableware. These products are widely used in the packaging of many products, such as food, medicine, chemical industry, household appliances, machinery, electronics, textiles, military industry, etc., and play a decisive role in the national economy

among the expensive paper packaging products, corrugated box is a bulk product with large output and wide range of use, whether it is used for the packaging of means of production or means of livelihood, whether it is transportation packaging or sales packaging. Corrugated box is a necessary thing for the packaging of export goods and goods in the domestic market. It has become the most widely used packaging container in modern commerce and logistics, and it is also one of the most important packaging forms adopted by countries all over the world

in order to adapt to the trend of environmental protection in the world today, in addition to the traditional paper packaging products made of paper and paperboard as the main raw materials, pulp molding products came into being. It has the characteristics of rich raw materials, strong functionality, economy and practicality, and is a paper packaging product worthy of attention and promotion. Pulp molded products are made of reed pulp, bagasse pulp, bamboo pulp, wood pulp and wheat straw pulp, together with waterproof, oil-proof, high-temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistant, non-toxic and harmless functional additives, using different processes such as vacuum suction filtration method, vacuum injection method, plastic suction filtration method, etc. to make fast-food bowls and boxes and packaging products of industrial products, agricultural and sideline products, and military products. Its output has soared, and its variety has also developed from a single fast-food bowl and box to cushioning packaging products in commodity transportation packaging and sales packaging, becoming the best product to gradually replace EPS foaming plastic tableware and cushioning packaging materials

among paper packaging products, honeycomb paperboard and its products are also outstanding, and have developed rapidly in recent years

its honeycomb structure determines its light weight, uniform compression, high compression, bending and shear strength, and has good cushioning and vibration isolation performance; It is low cost, easy to recycle and renewable. It is a new type of packaging material and products committed to green, energy saving, environmental protection and high technology. Honeycomb paperboard can be widely used as cushion liner, pallet, packing box, corner brace, edge protector and other protective parts, especially it can replace the wooden packaging of export goods, and solve the troublesome problems of high temperature, fumigation or preservative treatment of solid wood packaging materials before they can leave the country because of the pests carried in the wooden packaging of export goods. Therefore, honeycomb paperboard and its products comply with the policies of environmental protection and sustainable development. It is the preferred material for wood packaging and one of the ideal materials to replace EPS packaging

according to the above, we can clearly realize that the paper packaging industry has duality. The paper packaging industry is not only an important door in the packaging industry, how to choose the well cover pressure testing machine - performance class. With the development of the packaging industry, but also takes pulp, paper and paperboard as raw materials, which largely depends on the progress and development of the paper industry. The development of the paper packaging industry not only promotes the development of the industry itself by refining the carbon fiber composite waste recycled from Boeing to the ideal size and shape through mechanical grinding, but also constantly puts forward new requirements for the paper industry, thereby promoting the development of the paper industry

III. thoughts on the current situation and development of paperboard production in China

under the correct guidance of a series of national policies such as environmental protection, circular economy, sustainable development, green packaging, and building an energy-saving society, with the benign development of the national economy and forest industry, the paper packaging industry is developing rapidly with its great advantages in structural design, function guarantee, processing and manufacturing, recycling and treatment, etc., in line with the trend of social development

cardboard is an important material in the paper packaging industry. In China, paperboard is generally divided into three categories, one is white paperboard, including coated white paperboard, coated white paperboard and uncoated gray paperboard; The other is carton board, including kraft liner board and ordinary carton board; The other is corrugated base paper, including high-strength corrugated base paper and ordinary corrugated base paper

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