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Shandong temporary work "summer social practice

Shandong temporary work" summer social practice - temporary work bank "activity is starting to register

China Construction Machinery Information

dear students:

do you want to make your summer different

I hope you can find a different yourself through your works

do you want to make your summer colorful and meaningful

rich theoretical knowledge, interesting practical training, wonderful competitive competitions...

2021, Let's meet Shandong Lingong

follow the pace of College Students' Lingong bank

start a new summer social practice

we will provide you with:

1. Visit the modern factory, observe the lean production of Lingong from zero distance, innovative management

2. Understand the intelligent production line, wms/wcs information system, intelligent logistics application scenarios

3. Face to face exchange and study with enterprise executives, Get close to understand the real enterprise operation

4. Experience operation driving, intelligent manufacturing, competitive competition, expansion training, and practical work skill training...

you will gain:

1. A valuable social practical experience

2. Practical and effective interview and application skills

3. A group of like-minded partners

4. Job guidance and experience sharing of professional managers

5 Rich and interesting competitive competition and expansion training experience

6. Give priority to the opportunity to be selected as Shandong temporary interns...

the summer vacation has quietly approached

the "summer social practice - temporary work bank" activity of Shandong temporary work is about to begin

have you participated in a meaningful social practice experience before

if your answer is "no"

, do you still have some regrets

but don't be afraid

this year's Shandong summer social practice activity is now open to all students and sincerely sends out an invitation. What are you waiting for

the distinctive summer vacation starts from the social practice of the industrial and Commercial Bank of China in 2021.

we look forward to the main technical parameters: your participation, we are waiting for you at the industrial and Commercial Bank of China

"temporary ICBC" activity details are as follows:

1. Activity process:

understand the internship content - determine the internship schedule - sign the internship agreement - carry out "temporary ICBC" activities

2. Internship for people:

mainly for sophomores, juniors, and sophomores

3. Internship for Majors:

machinery, electromechanical, materials, control, automation, welding, hydraulics, computers Software engineering, logistics, big data, e-commerce, marketing, media, science, finance, accounting, taxation, audit, legal affairs and other majors

IV. special topics and activities arrangement of ICBC (the following is only the main course arrangement)

v. precautions for registration:

registration time: please submit intern information and internship requirements in time to avoid time conflicts with other colleges and universities, The "temporary ICBC" Internship activities of the factory implement the filing system. We will arrange the internship activities of "temporary ICBC" according to the registration order. China's automobile industry is entering the strategic opportunity period of transformation and upgrading, from big to strong, and adopt the principle of "first report, first serve"

contact information:

manager Zhang

manager Du

Activity Notice: after the registration is approved, it will pass and be notified by SMS

registration QR Code:

style of previous students:

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