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The city's summer "anti pornography and anti illegal" campaign kicked off

our news (Li Yan) recently, the city's anti pornography and anti illegal campaign this summer started for the first time. The municipal anti pornography and anti illegal activities office organized more than 100 people from publishing, cultural, public security, industry and Commerce and other anti pornography and anti illegal member units to attack the illegal sale of underground * * * * * *

on the morning of that day, the Jung Seminar on law enforcement in March 2015 will continue to crack down on the illegal sale of underground ******* data, which is strongly reflected by some local people. A batch of * * * illegal materials and nearly 100 copies of feudal, superstitious and other illegal publications were confiscated, creating a clean cultural market environment

it is understood that the whole summer campaign will last from May to August. The anti pornography and anti illegal activities departments at all levels and relevant member units in the city will take effective measures according to their respective division of responsibilities, and take uninterrupted concentrated law enforcement actions in combination with the actual situation. Focus on checking the problems of busy streets, communities, small shops, farmers' markets, food markets and so on. Although the probability of electromechanical occurrence is not very high, multiple parts, severely crack down on each one, and it can be completed in sequence after setting; We will crack down on illegal publications and illegal publishing activities. At the same time, we will strengthen the supervision and crackdown on harmful information on bars and Internet, crack down on pornographic activities in accordance with the law, and maintain the normal order of our city's cultural market

at the same time, our city will also strengthen the supervision and inspection of printing and reproduction enterprises, seriously investigate and deal with printing and reproduction enterprises that print all kinds of illegal publications and illegal materials in violation of laws and regulations, and strictly and severely punish enterprises that manufacture and sell pirated copies, illegal publications, and pornography. And strengthen the management of the storage and transportation of publications

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