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The opening of the Summer Olympics saw a rise in railway passenger flow and less discounts on airline tickets. The 62 day Summer Olympics also kicked off on the same day. With the implementation of the new railway operation diagram across the country today, railway passenger flow is gradually rising, and air passenger flow is also growing. Since July 1, the national railway operation chart has been adjusted, and the 62 day summer transportation has also brought great value from that day. Hefei railway station is expected to send 4.641 million passengers, an increase of 12%, with an average of 75000 passengers per day. The flight occupancy rate of Hefei Xinqiao airport has also increased, with more than 80 outbound flights every day, carrying more than 10000 passengers to various places

Sichuan Chongqing bullet trains will start operation today

with the implementation of the new railway operation diagram across the country today, Hefei railway station operates 128 pairs of passenger trains every day, including 77.5 pairs of EMU trains. The Hefei Chongqing and Chengdu bullet trains will open today. Hefei people only need 10 hours to Chongqing by bullet train and less than 12 hours to Chengdu. In addition, since today, there has been a direct train from Hefei to Nanning for the first time, and a high-speed train to the northeast for the first time. Sun Jianjun, a senior engineer of Dafang Yanfeng Automotive Trim System Co., Ltd., has taken the train out for the citizens

it is reported that Hefei railway station is expected to send 4.641 million passengers in the summer, and measures will be taken to open more temporary passengers, increase ticket windows, and extend ticket sales time to facilitate passengers' travel. The summer passenger flow of Hefei railway station is mainly student passenger flow and tourism. From the passenger flow survey, it is the measurement equipment of many industries. The tourist tourist flow is mainly concentrated in Beijing, Guangzhou, Zhejiang, Sichuan and other directions, and the passenger flow in the province is mainly in Huaibei, Bengbu, Fuyang and other directions. The person in charge of Hefei railway station told

check whether the indicator light is correct; Airline ticket discounts are low

while railway passenger flow is heating up, air passenger flow is also growing. Compared with the summer transportation last year, the number of flights this year has not increased, but the passenger flow has increased significantly, and the increased passengers mostly travel on a family basis. Hefei Xinqiao airport said that there are more than 80 departing flights every day, sending more than 10000 passengers, and the occupancy rate of many routes exceeds 85%

during the summer transportation, the ticket price of Hefei also went up. Ticket discounts on popular tourist routes are very small, such as flights to Xi'an, Chengdu, Guilin, Sanya, Kunming, Lijiang and other places, with ticket discounts of about 8 or 10% in the next week. Ticket sellers at Xinqiao airport said that passengers who want to buy cheap tickets had better buy tickets in advance. At least 7 days in advance, the flight from Hefei to Beijing has a minimum 40% discount; Hefei flights to Xiamen and Haikou have less discounts on prime time tickets, but there is about a 60% discount on early or late night flights. It should be reminded that children passengers should bring their identity certificates when flying

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