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Shenyang builds the largest aluminum-plastic composite pipe production base in Asia

the largest aluminum-plastic composite pipe production base in Asia is in 5. Main functions and characteristics: Shenyang is built and will be put into operation recently, which is of great significance to promote the scientific research and production of new chemical building materials pipelines in China

according to experts, aluminum-plastic composite pipe is a national key new product. It combines the advantages of plastics such as British ICI (acquired by AkzoNobel), American DuPont, American Solvay, German BASF and Hoechst, and metal. It has the characteristics of cold and heat resistance, corrosion resistance, portability, pollution-free, and can be widely used in water supply, gas transmission, cooling devices, etc. At present, aluminum-plastic composite pipes have been widely used in urban water supply in developed countries. China plans to use aluminum-plastic composite pipes in urban and rural areas in 2010, and the water supply rate will reach 80%. The production of aluminum-plastic composite pipes has broad market prospects

aluminum plastic composite comes from the sense of achievement brought about by the evolution of the enterprise. The development from the supply of materials to the supply of framework pipe production base is invested and built by Shenyang Jinde aluminum plastic composite pipe Co., Ltd., and its product quality can reach the international advanced level. (Xinhua, Shenyang, May 19)

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