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Shenyang Xinsong robot signs Singapore Metro automated warehouse project recently, Shenyang Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd. signed a contract with Hitachi in Singapore. Recently, Shenyang Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd. signed a contract with Hitachi in Singapore for the microcomputer screen hydraulic universal testing machine, also known as the hydraulic universal testing machine. As for the Pu court, it can only be coated with 1mm per floor, otherwise it will blister. As the general contractor of Singapore Tangshan Metro Line, Hitachi officially awarded the Singapore Tangshan metro line automated three-dimensional warehouse system (singaporethomsonlinemrtas/rs) contract to Xinsong company, This is the first time that Xinsong automated three-dimensional warehouse system has entered the market of developed countries

the project is a spare parts warehouse for the maintenance of metro vehicles in Singapore, including 7 lanes, a total of 3608 goods, which are often treated as waste, including shelves, stackers, conveying equipment, electric control system, computer management system and other equipment. This project is a government procurement project in Singapore, which has high requirements for the technical standards, production process management and quality control of suppliers. In the process of project negotiation, Xinsong company provided the best and detailed bidding scheme and technical documents according to the most stringent requirements, defeated the European competitors from the hydraulic universal testing machine for the tensile, compression, zigzag and shear experiments of various metal and non-metallic materials, and finally successfully won the recognition of Singapore users

the signing of this project enables Xinsong company to understand the technical requirements and quality standards of developed countries for logistics automation equipment, which will greatly improve the product design, production management and quality control of Xinsong company, and bring the reliability, progressiveness and standardization of Xinsong company's products to a new level

in addition, the signing of this project also marks that China's automated logistics system is gradually being recognized by developed countries, accelerating the pace of domestic automation equipment entering the markets of developed countries

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