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Zhao Biao of Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd.: intelligent manufacturing will change the business model

the second made in China 2025 (Shenzhen) Summit Forum, hosted by the national weekly of Finance and economics of Xinhua news agency and the international economic and technological cooperation center of the Ministry of industry and information technology, was held in Shenzhen on April, 2017. Zhao Biao, acting chairman and President of Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd., attended and spoke. He said that with the technology of intelligent manufacturing, Shenyang machine tool has realized the change of business model. Before the development of the system, there was a simple business relationship between the enterprise and the customer, which ended after the transaction was completed. Now all equipment is maintained by enterprises to help customers improve efficiency

today's topic is "i5 new economy". Now we live in the information age. With the demand for information, Li Jianbo, a consumer in the information age, can rely on people and resources at home without leaving home based on the results of the fire protection experiment of the external wall external insulation system conducted by the Institute of building fire protection of the Chinese Academy of Building Sciences, the Sichuan Fire Protection Institute of the Ministry of public security, and the Tianjin Fire Protection Institute of the Ministry of public security. Now buy things like Alibaba,, the nearest mobike, cars, etc. With the information demand, when the materials arrive, the manufacturing process is missing. How can this information be opened? This is also the intelligent manufacturing that is being studied all over the world at present. What is intelligent manufacturing? It is mainly personalized manufacturing, which can quickly meet the needs when there is a need for personalization. There is demand information connection, and the product is connected to the client

today, I will talk about the technology of i5. We make machine tools, which are processing parts. The whole machine is divided into four parts: raw materials. Turning raw materials into parts is the function of our machine tools. Parts are assembled into parts, and parts are assembled into finished products, whether it's cars or crafts. What we need to solve is the intelligent manufacturing process in which raw materials become parts. The process is very complicated. With information and communication technology, the communication of information is simple, and it is very difficult to make information

if a part wants to be made, it first needs a drawing, and then it is transformed into a process, and the process is transformed into a process. It is this kind of transmission between people. How to get through the drawing to the machine tool can be recognized, this process can not be done by anyone, but we can do it. This is i5 technology

this i5 technology is self-developed, machine tool control system. In 2012, i5 technology was born. After its birth, at the end of 2013, it was ready to be named to test the determination to declare the shame of the first Sino Japanese war. Considering the characteristics of the system and the future development direction of intelligent manufacturing, it was named according to the five I (Industrialization, informatization, networking, intelligence, integration), and half of it will become i5 in the future. This technology is completely independently developed by us. It has been written for 10 years since the first source code solution. 2.2 million lines of source code have been written, and 49 patents and copyrights have been obtained. With this technology, it becomes a hardware machine tool

in terms of software, we independently developed the workshop management system, which is a management system implemented in the network environment, with a management system. The mobile terminal can see the operation status of each equipment in the workshop and the operation status of each system in the whole workshop in real time through the network. With it, you can travel all over the world and see the factory

finally, in order to make our intelligent manufacturing process in big data, we have developed our technical solutions. What we do is to turn raw materials into components. We have established all these technical solutions, large cloud platforms and cloud computing. Real intelligence is to turn all the technologies that can be accumulated into signals and store them, which can be called up quickly when needed at any time. Connect and centralize everything we can know with Bryan, and adjust it when necessary. This is the big data cloud platform

what we do is the solution of machine tool technology. Alibaba, Tencent or other large commercial platforms may be used as the cloud platform of the solution, and we will do the parts processing solution. Therefore, dare to say that it is the first Internet based platform in the world, so as to realize intelligent manufacturing in the network environment

with i5 technology to create intelligent manufacturing, its own system has intelligent compensation, intelligent diagnosis, etc. When the robot (21.110, -0.11, -0.52%) is installed to reinforce the parts, the most critical thing is not that the parts are qualified. It generates data in real time and connects with the interconnection in real time at the speed of milliseconds. The collection of data is called intelligent factory in a small area. There will be several intelligent factories on a large platform, and finally forms the whole intelligent manufacturing system. In this way, with intelligent manufacturing technology, the production relationship will be changed. There is no need to concentrate on building factories in a large area. Every small factory owner can be the boss. All technical solutions and services can be solved by the cloud platform intelligent factory

Shenyang machine tool already has this technology. Now the machine tool is not a business. It is a service tool for processing parts for customers. You don't need copyright to send it directly to you. You can make money on the processed parts. We don't need you to manage the whole factory management. As long as you develop your own products, I'll solve the processing and manufacturing process for you without considering anything. Recently, smart factories have been launched and many projects have been negotiated with provincial and municipal governments. China is promoting China smart manufacturing 2025, and all regions are promoting it. Because we can build a large productivity service platform for the government, we can provide technical solutions, processes and testing services. Small enterprises can only work on this platform

with this technology, the real change is the change of business model. Instead of buying and selling the equipment between me and my customers, it used to be buying and selling. The completion of the transaction has nothing to do with me. Now I maintain all the equipment that needs to ensure the accuracy of the displacement of another parameter of the spring testing machine, and improve the efficiency for you. You do your expertise, so there are mass entrepreneurship and innovation. If I want to build a factory, I will contact the government to build a factory. As long as I process it

with this technology, most of the changes in business model are based on time charges. Charging by time used to be the end of buying and selling machine tools. Now charging by time for machine tools should ensure the use time. Our services include remote diagnosis and trouble free operation. Spare parts service can be used for remote diagnosis and trouble free operation. The longer the operation time, the more money you will earn

quantity. Charge according to the processing quantity of parts processed by the machine. It is not only necessary to ensure the trouble free operation of the machine tool, but also to ensure the processing efficiency and the tool and management of the whole operation. The lower the cost, the more the quantity, the more the money

value, a special use value, is not a general measurement value. Through our machine tools to establish unique products, this added value is very high, and the products are special when the machine tools are customized. Therefore, what we choose to do now is to provide customers with a full range of services. From traditional manufacturing to industrial services

the final form is the ecosystem of intelligent manufacturing. All the services outside focus on operators and factory owners, and the value created by this machine is shared by everyone. The chain we see now is the information chain. Generally, the support for processing parts is supported by IC, including equipment demand, front-end manufacturing, supply and service management. Technical and management problems have been solved to ensure that this equipment can be processed

devices make money for everyone. Build an intelligent ecosystem around processing needs. What is the closest relationship? Only the economic relationship is the closest. The ecosystem established by this kind of cooperation is the ecosystem of win-win cooperation, especially the intelligent manufacturing sharing economy, which first creates value for customers and others before sharing value. With this approach, all industrial finance, consumer finance and supply chain finance will be carried out and new business forms will be established. What our current round of intelligent manufacturing really changes is the mode of production, the business model and economic sharing. Only by benefiting others can we benefit ourselves

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