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Shenyang Shenbei industry and Commerce successfully destroyed an unlicensed paint dens

Shenyang Shenbei industry and commerce also used a two-component mk5/8ulpk ⑵ KVV mixing head to successfully destroy an unlicensed paint dens

August 17, 2011

[China paint information] mixed paint with gutter oil, solvent oil, etc., and a terrible scene of chemical reaction occurred during the inspection by industrial and commercial law enforcement personnel

a few days ago, the economic test of Shenbei New District branch of Shenyang Administration for Industry and Commerce will not be different due to different testers. The third investigation team received a report that there was a black dens producing paint without a license in xiaoyanghe village, qingshuitai Town, Shenbei New District

the law enforcement officers found in the on-site inspection that the black nest site 2. The glass fiber was in a farmyard in xiaoyanghe village, qingshuitai town. There was a plant with an area of about 400 square meters in the hospital. There were a large number of chemical raw materials used to produce paint and pine perfume in the plant, and the site emitted a strong pungent chemical smell

the industrial and commercial law enforcement personnel immediately contacted the safety supervision department to jointly check the chemicals stored on site one by one, and organize personnel and vehicles to clear and transport the dangerous chemicals on site. In the process of transferring chemicals, chemical raw materials have been constantly leaking, and the concentration of chemicals in the air has been increasing. A chemical reaction has also occurred in one of the iron barrels, violently spraying white smoke. Law enforcement officers immediately went to the nearby dealers to buy new fuel barrels and transferred the leaked 8 barrels of chemicals to the new fuel barrels. After nearly 20 hours of efforts, all hazardous chemicals on site were cleared and transported

the party concerned, Mr. Liu, initially explained that he hired Mr. Jia and Mr. Yue to produce paint and mixed pine perfume for external sales without handling industrial and commercial business licenses and other relevant licenses

the industrial and commercial law enforcement officers ordered the parties to immediately stop the above-mentioned illegal acts, and temporarily suspended five motors used to produce paint and blending pine perfume, 92 barrels of production raw materials such as gutter oil, resin oil, solvent oil, water alkali water and methanol, 12 barrels of finished paint and 148 barrels of finished pine perfume

at present, the case is under further investigation. If Shenyang citizens find such clues, they can call 12315 to report the central position of this development

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