The hottest Shenyin Wanguo futures crude oil fell

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Shenyin Wanguo Futures: crude oil fell sharply, PTA was under pressure again

yesterday, Zhengzhou PTA main contract ta809: opening price: 9252, closing price: 9438, settlement price: 9358, position: 130368, trading volume: 87950 also obtained the EU certification trademark. The price difference between the 809 contract and the 811 contract was further expanded, the hedging position and warehouse receipt report remained unchanged, and the main positions remained stable

overnight crude oil fell 3.69 to $121.41, affected by the weather and Obama's remarks; In the foreign exchange market, the US dollar index closed slightly higher. Introduction to the measurement and control system

basically, the price in the spot market rebounded and the transaction was not prosperous. Crude oil futures in the outer market fell again after rebounding a few days ago. Titanium for the production of 3D printing aerospace parts once fell below $120, and the fundamentals were short

technically, yesterday's 809 contract harvest was a big positive line, and the market was strong. From the perspective of price volume relationship, the decrease of trading volume, the increase of position and the rise of price indicate that new buyers are purchasing in large quantities, and the price may continue to rise in the near future

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on the whole, there are more technical aspects, while the fundamentals are empty. As a guide, crude oil futures fell sharply, so we need to pay attention to the trend of main funds. In the short term, we can maintain a cautious and short thinking

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