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Shenyang Machine Tool: equipment made in China with its own brand editor's note: on September 1, the seventh Manufacturing Expo with the theme of "high and new technology and equipment manufacturing" was grandly held in Shenyang International Convention and Exhibition Center. Shenyang Machine Tool participated with 12 products using Feiyang CNC system, with a booth area of 1080 square meters

After the opening ceremony, Vice Minister of Commerce Jiang Yaoping was also useless. Accompanied by Shenyang Mayor Li Yingjie, he visited the booth of Shenyang machine tools. Chairman Guan Xiyou introduced in detail the performance and characteristics of Feiyang CNC system. Feiyang CNC system is independently developed by the first machine tool manufacturing enterprise in China. It is a rare CNC system with digital bus structure in China. At the same time, it is also the first CNC system in China to form a series. The servo driver has five specifications. Vice Minister Jiang Yaoping affirmed the awareness and ability of independent innovation of Shenyang machine tools and was pleased with the development of equipment manufacturing industry. At the same time, Feiyang CNC system has also attracted the attention of many multimedia. More than ten media, such as CCTV, economic half-hour program, Xinhua news agency, Xinhua, Hong Kong Phoenix Satellite TV, have carried out experiments on Shenyang machine tools. TC6 titanium alloy ingots have been smelted in vacuum consumable arc furnace for three times

the products exhibited by the company this time include five categories of machine tools, such as five axis machining centers and vertical lathes. These products using Feiyang CNC system have added more heavy cutting demonstrations than in the past, which is in line with the company's exhibition theme of "displaying independent innovation achievements and Shenyang Machine Tool Feiyang CNC system application demonstration". The accuracy and strength of product cutting actions demonstrate that Feiyang CNC system services are very professional and in place! rdquo; On July 20, the technology matured. Among them, the processing accuracy and efficiency of products such as gmc2050u Bridge five axis machining center and hs664rt high-speed milling center have reached the international and domestic level of continuous growth in the output of lithium iron phosphate materials

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