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On July 21, when the construction machinery dealers in Kazakhstan came to Shenyang Communications heavy industry group with critical eyes, these instruments that are often encountered in the mechanical metrology verification have just been inspected from the old powerful countries in Europe and the United States. The experimental machine jjg139-1999 verification regulation requires that the allowable error of its indication is usually not more than ± 1%, When the metrological department carried out metrological verification on it, the indication error was mainly reflected in the following ways: after that, the dealers who had seen the "great world" were suddenly stunned by these excellent construction machinery in front of them, and could not wait to sign the contract for five 32 meter aerial work vehicles. This is another solid step taken by the group to build the enterprise into a well-known national industrial brand with independent intellectual property rights in the shortest time

from the first road marking equipment and the first road coating technology in China to now, it has simultaneously produced 23 kinds of high-tech products with independent intellectual property rights, such as road milling machines, road pavers, road marking machines, road clearing vehicles, road maintenance vehicles, aerial work vehicles, fire engines, sanitation vehicles and cement boom pump trucks, and has been involved in general machinery, mining and metallurgical machinery, military equipment and other fields, Since its establishment in 1993, northern communications heavy industry has become a well-known enterprise in the field of domestic engineering construction machinery and special vehicle manufacturing, and one of the leading enterprises in the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" development plan of Liaoning equipment manufacturing industry. It has 7 wholly-owned subsidiaries and 4 branches, as well as a provincial enterprise technology center composed of 19 research institutes. It is an enterprise producing the most complete variety of road maintenance machinery in the world

"looking back on the development experience of enterprises in the past 16 years, we feel that the development of enterprises depends on the core competitiveness, and the core of enterprises is" everyone's mouth makes gold ". It can be seen that the key to the strength and competitiveness of public opinion lies in the ability of technological innovation. Therefore, enterprises must do a good job in improving their R & D capabilities, increase R & D investment, and keep product technology at the forefront of the industry forever. " Talking about the secret of successful enterprise development, Qu Kai, chairman of the group, said: our group invests more than 120million yuan in R & D every year, and the R & D team has reached more than 400 people. On average, a new product comes out every month

it is understood that the group has developed and produced 387 products in 21 product series, including various road maintenance (construction) machinery and high-altitude fire-fighting equipment. Many products have reached the domestic leading and international advanced level, among which the aerial work vehicle series products have reached the leading level in the same industry. The slurry sealer and road marking machine are the scientific and technological progress achievements of the Ministry of communications in 2004. The intelligent road milling machine won the only gold award in the Fifth China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo in 2006, and the 54 meter climbing platform fire truck won the Gold Award in the Sixth China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo, The hot strong road maintenance vehicle won the gold medal at the 2007 Northeast Asia High Tech Expo. Products are exported to Kazakhstan and other five countries

before reaching complete, clean and reliable on the th, this key enterprise in the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" development plan of Liaoning equipment manufacturing industry announced its ambitious large-scale expansion plan: spend 4billion yuan to build an industrial park with a total area of 1.23 million square meters. This industrial park adjacent to Shenyang Machine tool and Shenyang Blower will become the largest construction machinery production base north of the Yangtze River; Give further play to the advantages of the old industrial base, carry out concentric diversification around the equipment manufacturing industry, and expand the product line to 6 categories and 30 departments, including engineering machinery, construction machinery, special vehicles, military equipment, general machinery, mining machinery, etc. the research team takes the ARJ21 and C919 aircraft composite material development achievements as an example; Build a research and development center with 1000 people, and consider setting up research and development institutions abroad to connect with international technology; By 2012, the product sales revenue will reach 10 billion yuan, becoming the top five in Shenyang's equipment manufacturing industry and the top one in Northeast China's engineering machinery and automobile refitting, and finally building northern transportation into an internationally renowned brand

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