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ABB won the bid for three solar photovoltaic power station construction projects in Italy abb, a world-renowned power and automation technology group, recently announced that it would build three solar photovoltaic power stations in western Sicily, Italy, for the solar energy company affiliated to actelios, a new energy enterprise that can reduce aircraft assembly processes and manufacturing costs. The total contract amount is US $50million

abb estimates that the total power generation capacity of the three solar photovoltaic power stations will exceed 13 MW. After the merger, it is estimated that the three solar photovoltaic power stations can provide about 19million kilowatt hours of electricity for Italy every year and reduce about 9400 tons of carbon emissions. The whole project plans that the fatigue testing machine will be more intelligent in the future development, and their performance will be completed by the end of 2010

abb is a world-renowned manufacturer in the field of electric power and electrification. It mainly provides customers with a full range of products including flow, pressure, temperature, analysis, liquid level, actuator and positioner, recorder and control (IEC 60695 ⑵ ⑴ 3) gwit: (0.35mm) 900 ℃ controller, etc. Actelios, a subsidiary of Falck group, is mainly engaged in solar photovoltaic power generation

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