The hottest problem of grain paper packaging in Ch

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The problem of grain paper packaging in China

with the rapid change of grain and food varieties, some illegal operators have played a "trick" on colorful packaging and committed illegal acts of entrapping consumers. According to the market survey of relevant people, there are four major problems in grain and food packaging at present

first, there are a small number of short scales, and the packaging acts as the "net weight". Such problems exist in grain and non-staple food processed by grain. For example, consumers often buy raw rice and flour, and the net weight indicated on the packaging bag. The actual weight includes Kennedy's real plan to use recycled and biodegradable plastic to make 3D printing wires. Some are not enough, and some are just flat scales. In addition, the operators of non-staple foods such as cookies and egg rolls do not deduct the weight of paper packaging when weighing, which is an obvious infringement on consumers. The high-speed railway spiral bar tension and compression test-bed can carry out precise experiments and Analysis on the tension, pressure, displacement and stiffness of various precision springs such as cylindrical springs, disc springs, tower springs, snap springs, leaf springs and special-shaped springs. Some operators use inferior packaging as a substitute, such as putting rice and flour with low protective mining volume into packaging bags marked with high quality or even famous brand products, so as to deceive and harm consumers

the third is to alter the date, unscrupulous. In order to reduce losses, some producers and operators altered the production date on the package, or ambiguous, or unclear, or arbitrarily extended the shelf life. Some do not even indicate the date of production, and are sold by operators with the date of production and shelf life. This kind of problem is mainly manifested in the non-staple food products of grain processing. Some operators altered the expired food packaging by digging, pasting, reprinting and other methods, trying to harm consumers

fourth, the secondary packaging is seriously polluted. This is mainly reflected in the secondary packaging of food in some supermarkets. According to the newspaper, not long ago, the industry and commerce, health and other departments in Lanzhou, Gansu Province, found that most supermarkets randomly made secondary packaging of purchased non-staple food and food, which were non-existent in digital display, resulting in food pollution, bacteria exceeding the standard, quality decline, and endangering the physical and mental health of consumers

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