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Siemens held the exchange meeting of "communication interface and specification for network management of cotton spinning equipment"

from December 1 to 3, 2011, the industry standard propaganda of "communication interface and specification for network management of cotton spinning equipment" and the exchange meeting of textile enterprise informatization management experience were successfully held in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. This conference is jointly organized by China Cotton Textile Industry Association, China Textile Machinery Industry Association and Siemens, which can complete all experiments required in the standard. More than 90 people, including Zhu Xianmin, vice president of China Textile machinery and equipment industry association, ye Jianchun, Deputy Secretary General of China Cotton Textile Industry Association, representatives of the automation system Department of Siemens Industrial Automation Group (IA as BU) and representatives of more than 40 textile machinery enterprises and cotton textile enterprises, attended the meeting. Please be sure to inspect the meeting first

at the beginning of the meeting, the total posterior spine device (Figure 3) belongs to the posterior spinal device, which introduced and promoted the specification. As one of the drafters and drafters of this industry standard, Mr. Zeng Yanbo of siemens ia as Bu introduced the advantages of Siemens PROFINET technology. In the afternoon, Mr. BD sunguangwu of siemens ia as Bu OEM textile industry introduced and analyzed the overall situation of the textile industry this year and Siemens' contribution to the textile machinery industry. Some participants took the initiative to invite experts from Siemens to make further explanations at the technical level. After the meeting, the customers of Rieter Textile Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. also invited BD from Siemens textile machinery industry to Rieter to discuss future technical cooperation

as the largest supplier of automation products and equipment in the world, Siemens has long been committed to providing the most advanced automation products and global services for the textile industry, maintaining long-term technical cooperation with many large domestic textile machinery manufacturing enterprises and system integrators, and actively participating in industry exchanges and exhibitions. The successful convening of the Wuxi conference marks the end of the "communication interface and specification for network management of cotton spinning equipment" actively participated by Siemens, but this is only the beginning of the implementation of comprehensive equipment standards and specifications in the textile machinery industry. At present, the cotton textile association and the textile machinery association have begun to plan the formulation of technical standards and specifications for loom equipment. Siemens is committed to achieving the goal of leading green, environmental protection and energy-saving technology in the future to regularly check whether there is oil leakage at the host and oil source. In the process, Siemens makes full use of its advanced technology and global shared resources, and works together with China's textile industry to create a win-win situation

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