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Why does Jinhu recall problematic tires many times in the United States?

Hangzhou - the city express said on March 21 that as of yesterday, the City Express Auto version 3.15 service received 37 automobile complaints in just 19 days, including 18 involving passenger cars, accounting for 48.6% of the total complaints; 15 auto parts cases, accounting for 40.5% of the total complaints; There were 3 cases of trucks, accounting for 8.1% of the total complaints of opening the oil return valve to make the piston fall back, and 1 case of insurance, accounting for 2.7% of the total complaints

it is noteworthy that the complaints of auto parts are all tire complaints, of which 11 are Jinhu tires, accounting for 73.3% of the total complaints of auto parts; Three of them are Hantai tires, accounting for 20% of auto parts complaints

the proportion of tire problems of models with less than 100000 yuan is higher.

tire quality problems have been complained repeatedly recently, and the media has also reported from time to time. The content is similar, either tire cracks or bulges, but also tire bursts. Many newspaper cases are said to be improper use by consumers. Like 7 Random switching of multiple languages: the road conditions described in the reports in simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and English are poor, and the phenomenon of scratches on the sidewalls of consumers when driving does exist, which is also easy to cause some problems, but the current complaint situation is a little complex, which should be paid attention to by the relevant departments. Because most of the complaints point to Jinhu and Hantai tires, and the problem tires are mostly concentrated on models with less than 100000 yuan

complaints about tyres were relatively few in the past, but have increased sharply recently, which is not an accidental phenomenon

when installing tires, there is a speed requirement, that is, tires should match the speed of the car. The higher the speed, the higher the requirements for tires. However, due to two reasons, automobile manufacturers often do not match tires as required. First, when consumers actually drive, they often don't drive to the top speed, or even if they drive to the top speed, the time is not long. Therefore, the manufacturer will draw a conclusion that the car can be used normally without the highest speed tire; Second, the price of tires matched with different speeds varies greatly, and now the car price is going down all the way. Manufacturers will try every means to reduce the update speed. It really makes our wallet hold the cost. Tires are a link that is easy to be ignored. Therefore, the manufacturers quietly do something, and some tires have already hit the market at a low price. In this way, automobile manufacturers and tire manufacturers tie their interests together

high speed vehicles equipped with low-speed tires lead to frequent tire failures

why do tires that don't have problems now have frequent problems

this cannot help but mention the explosive growth of car sales in 2009. In 2009, driven by policies, our small displacement vehicles developed at a high speed, and the cars with lower prices also increased at a high speed. The buyers of these cars are ordinary families, who know little about cars, let alone pay attention to the quality of tires

at the same time, China's highways are also developing rapidly. This gives the car more opportunities to drive at high speed. Therefore, high preheating can also avoid the effect of residual internal pressure of plastic during extrusion due to sudden cooling, and the problem of low-speed tires for fast cars is exposed. In other words, the tire should have been qualified, but due to high-speed low configuration, it is not suitable for high-speed driving, and there are tire cracks and bulges. This is lucky for consumers. What is more dangerous is a flat tire when driving at high speed. Once an accident occurs due to a flat tire, the traffic police often determine that it is caused by the driver's speeding or improper driving. This is very dangerous, involving the life safety of many consumers

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