Compare Haier water heater mt3k and MT3 in detail

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Which is better to compare Haier water heater mt3k and MT3 in detail? What's the difference

the main differences between the two series of Haier water heaters mt3k and MT3 are: first, the appearance color is different; Second, the control mode is different. Mt3k adopts remote control mode, and MT3 adopts microcomputer control mode. Other functions and configurations are the same. You can choose one series according to your own needs and preferences

more users of Haier MT3 water heater comment on the advantages and disadvantages, detailed parameter settings are all handled in the form of a dialog box,

Haier mt3k water heater tmall quotation and friends' comments experience,

Haier mt3k water heater

Haier MT3 water heater

<2. Haier mt3k and MT3 water heater quotation and comments:

1 Haier water heater mt3k has more than 3million mini units offline

reference price: ¥ 1999.00

user comments: it's already installed, the installation and transfer master is very professional, the press is very good, and the water heater is also tall, very good! With remote control, it is convenient for the elderly and children to use. They have always bought Haier products, and the quality and after-sales are guaranteed. This time, they also bought refrigerators and washing machines, which are very good, and the price is much cheaper than the physical store. They don't need to buy all the electrical appliances out of the house. Jinan experimental machine factory can help you design test equipment, which is very convenient

2. Haier water heater mt3

reference price: ¥ 1999 00

user comments: the appearance of the water heater is very good. The bathroom here is a little small, but it is not very crowded after installation, and there is no such depressing feeling. The overall feeling is good. Another residence is Haier's water heater, which has been used for more than 10 years, so I trust Haier in the quality of the water heater

III. summary

the apparent consumption of mt3k plastic of Haier water heater is as high as 93 million tons. On the whole, there is little difference between the two series and MT3. The main reason is that the control methods are different. Let's see what control methods you prefer. Just choose one according to your family needs and preferences The functions are the same. Tmall can check more popular model recommendations

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