Comparative analysis of the differences between th

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Comparative analysis of the differences between the South and the north of the blister machine industry

as a kind of plastic machinery, the blister machine has made remarkable achievements in recent years, but the industry is also facing the differences between the South and the north. The development of the south is generally recognized to be faster than that of the north. This processing industry is superior to the north in terms of talent, resources and technology

degree of development

the difference between the South and the North 1. Cleanliness is obvious to all. In the south, it is the origin of all walks of life, with a solid foundation and rich experience. Coupled with the country's economic and technological support for the development of the South at the beginning, there is also a certain gap in the degree of development between the South and the north. This also makes many people see the advantages of development, and then invest funds into it to further promote development

technical talents

in the eyes of many talents, the fast-paced life in the south, challenging jobs, and the group living of well-known enterprises are the gathering places of successful people, which attract young talents with ideals and want to fight at a great level, and they are bound to step into the fierce competition. There are many materials in the south development level project that are not obviously high in yield point, and the economic force is strong. The key is the strong technical force, which is very convincing in both management and production, both in quantity and quality

China's Blister industry has developed since the 1940s, and now it has become one of the most important methods of processing packaging materials. With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for commodity packaging are also higher. Each model of each series of experimental machines has its own precise standards. The change of market demand also stimulates the development of the blister industry. The blister industry also continues to develop with the changes of market supply and demand and price, and the requirements of the market will lead to the development of the blister machine towards intelligence and informatization

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