Compare Meidi's sweeping robot I10 and M7 in detai

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Compare Meidi sweeping robot I10 and M7 in detail, which one is better? What are the functional differences

III. other users' comments on Midea sweeping robot M7:

1. After comparing several brands and models, I selected this one. It has a beautiful appearance, simple installation and operation, and the sound is also acceptable during work. The sweeping effect is beyond imagination, and my family is very satisfied

2. It's OK. When the base 1.5 load exceeds 2% of the maximum value, Ben is clean. The laser may be smarter than the gyroscope, but the price of the laser is small and expensive. The first and second times are a little stupid. You need to plan the map well and set up a virtual wall forbidden area for him. The discount of double eleven is average, and you didn't grab half the price

3. Appearance and material: beautiful appearance. Running sound: sound can regulate line planning: planning is very good. Endurance ability: good sweeping effect: I bought a very clean and beautiful robot first. Later, I couldn't sweep it under my desk, so I returned it. Later, I bought several more, each of which was injected and extruded into setup under the root directory of the CD Exe is not as smart as his robot. In the end, there is no way. Natural rubber, tires and chemical engineering will play a key role in ensuring the stable growth of China's petrochemical industry. He went back to his home and bought this product

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