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Problems in the development of China's integrated circuit industry

problems in the development of China's integrated circuit industry

how big will China's integrated circuit market be? What kind of integrated circuit industry should China have? Many people have speculated. In the next 15 years, the average growth rate of China's integrated circuit market demand is 25 times that of China's GDP. On the one hand, it reflects the reality that China has reached 35 times during the Ninth Five Year Plan period. On the other hand, we also believe that it is impossible to maintain such a high proportion for a long time, but we are convinced that under the guidance of the policy of "promoting industrialization with informatization", the ratio of the growth rate of China's integrated circuit demand to the growth rate of GDP will not be less than 2.5 times. The average growth rate of China's total sales of integrated circuits is about four times that of China's GDP. Get in touch with suppliers in time, which is 4.1 times the continuation of China's "Ninth Five Year Plan" period, and at the same time, it is basically corresponding to the current proportion of development in the world

by 2015, China's total demand for integrated circuits will be basically equal to the total sales of integrated circuit products, both of which will reach about 8% of the world's integrated circuit sales market. This shows that the consumption demand and production supply of integrated circuits in China have been basically balanced, and the import and export volume can be basically flat. If the technology can also reach the world level at that time, we can achieve basic self-sufficiency in demand. By that time, even if we fully achieve this goal, the total sales of integrated circuit products in China will only account for about 1/12 of the world market, while our population is about 1/5 of the world population. Therefore, we can only be a large integrated circuit production country, not a strong integrated circuit industry country

in recent years, the development trend of China's integrated circuit industry is encouraging. But what makes people uneasy is that up to now, China's electronic information product manufacturing industry is basically an assembly industry, and the key parts and components have to be imported. The independent development ability is very low. The industrial foundation is very weak, so it can't be said that the fate of China's information industry has been in our own hands. The reason is that we haven't established our own integrated circuit industry with innovation ability and competitive strength. At present, the self-sufficiency rate of integrated circuit demand in China is only about 1/10, and the total sales volume of integrated circuit products in China is only about 1/100 in the world market, and the overall technical level of the industry is about two generations behind that of advanced countries. To accelerate the development of China's integrated circuit industry, the main problems that need to be solved at present mainly include the following

1. Create a good development environment

because integrated circuits play a core, basic and irreplaceable role in the contemporary high-tech community, it is necessary to create a more suitable microclimate for its accelerated development. The State Council announced and implemented (several policies to encourage the development of software industry and integrated circuit industry) has opened a door for the formation of this microclimate. Under such conditions, the development environment of China's integrated circuit industry must be able to integrate with the international market; It can enhance the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises in the international plastic granulator technology to solve the problem of waste foam plastic market

2. Correctly select the entry point

in the integrated circuit manufacturing industry around the world, chip manufacturing, packaging and testing are the main body. After 4D years of rapid development, it has entered a relatively mature period. A large number of fabless integrated circuit companies without factories have emerged, which not only marks the maturity of integrated circuit production and processing technology, but also makes the whole integrated circuit industry enter a new stage of development. By 1998, few integrated circuit companies in the United States started from a production plant, and the most common form of new companies is to adopt the method of commissioned processing without a process line. At the same time, the growth rate of integrated circuit production lines in some Asian countries and regions has gradually surpassed that of the United States and Japan

the newly emerging integrated circuit companies without production lines have a sudden feature, that is, they are closer to the market. In the mature period of IC manufacturing technology, the development of IC application market has become the key to the development of IC industry

after more than 30 years of development, China's integrated circuit industry has formed a good industrial foundation. However, for a long time, there has been a problem - that is, why can't we directly enter the market after our integrated circuit chip production line is completed? And why can't the main products of integrated circuits we need in China be directly supplied by ourselves? The phenomenon that there is no intersection between supply and demand is indeed a problem worth pondering. When we study this problem, we first see that almost all the varieties of integrated circuits used in China are imported from abroad together with finalized electronic machines, and we must achieve substitution to enter this market; However, the rapid development of high-tech industry has made the traditional alternative import methods ineffective. Secondly, we all recognize that intentional containment and fierce competition abroad have indeed caused us many difficulties. Third, it is particularly necessary to be very clear that information products have profound cultural connotation, and the continuous influx of a large number of information products will seriously challenge the excellent cultural tradition of the Chinese nation; The disappearance of a nation's excellent culture means that the nation will be assimilated. Of course, we will not take such problems lightly

3. Chip manufacturing is an integrated circuit industry

integrated circuit is a complete industry. Generally speaking, it should include integrated circuit design, chip manufacturing, packaging and testing, manufacturing of special equipment and materials for integrated circuits, as well as application development and information services for integrated circuits. Sometimes people call it the coexistence of five industries (design, chip manufacturing, packaging, support and service); Sometimes people also call the integrated circuit manufacturing industry itself "three industries" (design, chip and packaging) at the same time ". However, no matter how it is divided or under any circumstances, IC chip manufacturing is always the core of the IC industry. When we emphasize application cutting and design first, we do not despise the development of chip manufacturing industry. On the contrary, it is creating conditions for the development of integrated circuit chip manufacturing industry. Without chip manufacturing, the integrated circuit industry is like being dug out of the heart. A fragile integrated circuit industry in chip manufacturing is only a serious heart disease patient at best. Therefore, we believe that it is one-sided to adopt the attitude of "not asking for everything, but for use" in chip manufacturing; The practice of "not seeking everything but using it" is more in line with the national conditions of the Chinese view

4. We should strengthen applied research and industrial development

the Ministry of technology attaches great importance to the technological development of China's integrated circuit industry, but when it comes to doing so, it ends up in the air. This is not only a reason why there is no intersection between supply and demand, but also a source of weak industrial innovation ability. Research and development is a continuous process, and basic research is at the forefront. The commercial development of products is at the last end, and the research and development before commercialization is between the two poles

over the years, our choice of temperature change rate. Ordinary high and low temperature experimental boxes have no index of cooling rate. Almost all the investment in microelectronics technology and integrated circuit industry has focused on the direct establishment of integrated circuit enterprises. Thus, basic research is relatively weakened, and applied research and industrial development are basically abandoned, which should be taken as a warning. Generally speaking. The main body of product commercialization development should be enterprises. The investment activities carried out by enterprises, including research and development investment, are based on the expected effect of investment return. The short-term return of this kind of investment is very high, especially for high-tech industries, so enterprises will have the enthusiasm in this regard. Of course, the government is the main body of the investment in basic research, because the investors in basic research can eventually bring extraordinary returns to the whole society, while individual investors cannot be fully compensated. Research and development on commercialization should also focus on government investment, and adopt the method of government start-up and the combination of government affairs and enterprises. Because the single risk of such investment is large, and the recent return rate is also low, the closer the front-end project is, the more so, the closer the back-end project is, the easier it is to combine with the enterprise. Now, countries all over the world have generally believed that the investment in front and middle-end R & D is the government's investment in the country, and it is a duty of successive governments to the country

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