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Private enterprise owners buy out polluting enterprises

private enterprise owners buy out polluting enterprises

May 9, 2005

in order to prevent the villagers of Fangqian village, zhaiqiao Town, Wujin District, Changzhou from continuing to suffer from the exhaust gas emitted by a chemical enterprise on the 18th, recently, Zhou Weimin, the owner of private enterprise in Wujin District, Changzhou, invested 1.7 million yuan to buy out the plant and equipment of the chemical plant, and then shut it down completely. It is understood that the chemical plant that Zhou Weimin bought out is a local veteran backbone enterprise. The waste gas discharged in the production process causes pollution. The villagers have negotiated with the factory for many times, but they have never fundamentally solved the problem

starting from caring for the health of the villagers, Zhou Weimin resolutely paid for the chemical plant and shut it down. His spirit is naturally commendable. Although he is a business owner, 1.7 million yuan is not a small number after all. Presumably, Zhou Weimin made up his mind after a fierce ideological struggle. However, while praising Zhou Weimin's noble thinking, we cannot but admit that Zhou Weimin is bearing the responsibility for the government, and his actions reflect the inaction of the local government

that chemical plant is an old-fashioned enterprise, which shows that it is well-known locally; It is also a backbone enterprise, indicating that it is a major profit and tax earner. These two characteristics determine the weight of the chemical plant in the eyes of the local government. To shut down such a chemical plant, it is impossible to solve the problem by relying on the villagers' own strength. Therefore, after many negotiations, the chemical plant operates as usual and the sewage discharge is still continuous. During the negotiation, we don't know whether the villagers went to the environmental protection department, which was not mentioned in the report. However, even if the villagers have not reported to the environmental protection department, is there no environmental protection department? Does the environmental protection department never monitor the impact of the production of an influential local enterprise on the environment? If a polluting enterprise pollutes the local environment for a long time, the verifiable materials include: rubber, plastic, wire and cable, optical fiber and cable, safety belt and safety belt, but the environmental protection department is unaware of it. Obviously, the local environmental protection department is out of supervision. If the environmental protection department does not come forward to solve the problem after the villagers report, it indicates that the environmental protection department has done nothing

the loss of shutting down chemical plants, which should have been borne by the government, is now borne by private business owners. The environmental protection task, which should have been borne by the government, is now completed by Zhou Weimin alone. The government not only reduces the trouble, but also does not have to bear the economy. This good thing is entirely due to the social sense of a private owner. If there is no private owners "come forward", probably the chemical plant will still produce, and the villagers' days of pollution will not end

local villagers can appreciate Zhou Weimin's nobility, and the society can praise Zhou Weimin's actions, but the local government has no face to reward Zhou Weimin, because Zhou Weimin's actions are embarrassing and slapping the government. I hope the local government can blush and apologize to the villagers, and say "thank you" to Zhou Weimin, who slapped the government, because PU synthetic leather is the most harmful to the environment and health, and remember the responsibility of "ruling for the people" from now on

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