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A comparative analysis of the current situation of bronzing and embossing technology

early bronzing was not popular

heat pad printing technology is commonly known as bronzing. In the early bronzing industry, there were not many printing products. The reasons can be summarized as follows: first, bronzing machines still stayed on small machines in the 1960s and 1970s, such as manual bronzing machines, 13 inch × 18 inch Heidelberg air hose machine and small flat pressing and bronzing machine. At that time, if there was a large area or on-site bronzing, it could not be pressed. The large paper was arranged in multiple pages and should be set accurately. The large paper should also be cut carefully before bronzing, resulting in slow bronzing lifting speed and inaccurate set position, which made the printer a big headache. At that time, it was mostly hot stamping hardcover leather cases, book seals, input environmental parameter sets, covers, envelopes, stationery, greeting cards, etc., while color box bronzing was not popular. Second, because bronzing was not popular and no one promoted it, until the early 1980s, due to the introduction of large-scale bronzing machines in Japan by local companies, researchers were able to study the selected system according to general theoretical understanding and develop models such as pool charging machines. After promotion, the printing merchants can see the full sheet hot stamping, the set position is accurate, and the shipment is fast, so they are able to receive orders with a large area of hot stamping; The introduction of fully automatic Heidelberg bronzing machine has made the bronzing industry more vigorous. Until now, the demand for printing and packaging bronzing is increasing day by day

There are many kinds of bronzing machines

bronzing actually seems simple, but it has its own knowledge. The bronzing industry can be simply divided into paper bronzing and plastic bronzing. The machinery of the two industries is also different

paper bronzing machines can be roughly divided into:

first, manual small bronzing machines, which can only hot stamp thin paper

II. Flat pressing and bronzing machine. This machine has a variety of sizes, ranging from small to large folio paper. It is equipped with a computer program to pull gold foil. The speed is slow, and the process is mostly manual

III. manual beer box bronzing machine, which is similar to manual beer box bronzing machine, and the size can be hot stamped to 28 inches × 40 inch paper size, the process is also mostly manual, and the speed is slow, which is rarely used in Hong Kong

IV. Heidelberg full-automatic rolling bronzing machine, Heidelberg letterpress machine can be said to be the top machine in the past. In fact, this bronzing machine was refitted from letterpress machine. Because letterpress printing has been replaced by offset printing, the machine factory has used its brain to refit this machine into a fully automatic bronzing machine, mainly to refit the part of the font into a heating plate and the place where the bronzing plate is embedded, and add the components of gold receiving paper. This machine has a good effect on ironing fine lines and large fields

v. flattening full-automatic bronzing machine, which is similar to the full-automatic beer box machine, is more expensive, and there are not many users, but the speed is the fastest type of machine, and the hot stamping area is also large

VI. automatic air hose bronzing machine, refitted from Heidelberg letterpress air hose machine, with a paper size of 13 inches × 18 inch, fast, is the necessary tool for most early bronzing plants to make money

gold foil needs to be matched with materials

in addition to the bronzing machine, it also needs to be matched with gold foil. The gold foil looks thin, but in fact, it needs to be pointed out that the scope of application of the formula is not limited to the following examples, which are composed of five layers of materials

many people misunderstand that a kind of gold foil can burn any kind of paper products. In fact, there are many kinds of gold foil to match with different materials being burned, such as PP film or polished paper products, metallic ink, cloth, PVC glue, thin line stripes or large field and other materials and printing products, we should choose hot gold foil of different materials to match. Therefore, the price of flash hot gold foil ranges from 10 yuan to 1000 yuan per roll, which also depends on the origin and the nature of the material. The price of matte hot cloth and scrapable gold foil is about 700 yuan or more, and that of laser gold foil is more than 1000 yuan. The gold foil manufacturer has made several gold foils of different colors and quality to adapt to different paper products. The large-scale, well managed bronzing factory also compiles hot stamping gold foil samples and additional numbers for customers to choose. Customers can also specify a brand of gold foil. For example, the international toy dealer "Barbie" doll will specify a brand and a number of gold foil

application of different plates

the second is the bronzing plate mold, which is commonly known as the electric plate. The electric plate was widely used in Hong Kong and has a long history. In the early stage of printing, there was the so-called type particles, which were originally used in letterpress printing, and then used in the bronzing industry. Later, letterpress printing was converted to the electric plate (zinc zinc was used as the plate material), and the bronzing industry has also followed and continued to this day. In recent years, magnesium plates (made of magnesium magnesium) have also been adopted in Hong Kong. Because magnesium plates have various thicknesses, thicker ones can be corroded deeper. When used for ironing thick paperboard, cloth grain, or embossing/embossing, the effect will be better. Because they are more durable, there is no need to change plates frequently for large quantities of hot printing. In addition, copper alloy (copperalloy) is used as a plate. Because its hardness is stronger than zinc and magnesium, it can retain a better image level, high definition, reduce the sand surface of the mold material, and it is also feasible to imprint millions of stones. The above zinc, magnesium and copper alloys are suitable for single-layer bronzing and embossing. (singlelevel,bevelledengraving)。

there is also a brass plate (composed of copper, tint and lead), about 7mm thick. It has low hardness and high engravability. It is suitable for hand engraving and motor engraving. It is regarded as an engraving plate with clear layers. It is a must for multi-level and special beveled edge engraving (multi-level, sculptureengraving). It can be used for embossing/embossing, embossing, three-dimensional relief, and one-time bronzing and embossing. Because the manufacturing process is complex, the plate making price is very expensive, The price depends on the complex requirements of graphics, and copper plates need to be carved in foreign countries, which has not been achieved by manufacturers in Hong Kong for the time being

pay attention to temperature and pressure in bronzing

if you want to have a good bronzing effect, you must choose appropriate gold foil with good thermal stability, and you also need to cooperate with the bronzing machine type. For example, the flat pressing and rolling type have different effects, and then you should match the elements of temperature, pressure and dwell time

temperature - in the bronzing operation, the most suitable temperature is the lowest and clear texture. The temperature of the heating plate of the flat press hot stamping machine is about 110 ℃, while that of the rolling hot stamping machine is 140 ℃ -150 ℃. The most suitable temperature must be found out by experiment. If the temperature is too high, the hot stamping paper will deteriorate and the lines will be blurred

pressure - the weight of pressure depends on the softness and hardness of the material and the texture of the surface. Materials with smooth or soft surface can be under light pressure, while those with rough or hard surface can be under heavier pressure. The flat pressing and bronzing machine is the synchronous pressing of the whole sheet. The starting point of the air hose machine is the line pressing and then turns to the flat pressing. The rolling machine is similar to the line pressing of the offset machine

pressure stop time - based on the shortest and good hot stamping effect, if the time is too long, the gold foil and hot stamping paper will be damaged, and the flash foil will also turn into matte foil

there is also hot stamping, so it is favored by quality inspection institutions. The pattern and printing pattern are correctly aligned. When using a rolling bronzing machine or large-area hot stamping, it is necessary to shrink the negative film used for hot stamping to 99.8% to 99.7% before arranging to make an electric plate, so that the electric plate will be expanded by heat on the hot plate. It turns out that the scratch lottery ticket can also be made by bronzing

the price of bronzing depends on what kind of gold foil is used, whether gold foil is wasted, whether it conforms to the sealing degree, typesetting method, quantity, size, etc., so there is no standard calculation method to unify the quotation

when talking with Mr. Huang Weiqiang of Xinghui bronzing silk printing Co., Ltd., he raised three questions, hoping that those with experience can give advice. 1、 In hot stamping cloth leather case, although it has been pressed deeply, the hot foil is easy to fall off

second, printed matter that has passed UV cannot be scalded with gold foil

III. try to iron many kinds of gold foil, imprint it on black printed matter (such as printed cardboard, tissue paper, black dyed or primary color leather paper, and iron it on black foil, all of which will slowly show spots and shadows in a short time (3 or 4 days) or a long time (3 to 4 months), and the longer the time, the more the spots and shadows will appear. (gold foil agents say it is related to carbon molecules of printing ink, so they can't guarantee that the use of that kind of gold foil will not change with the printed matter.)

source: Chinese printing masters

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