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Private wire laying buried safety hazards Longwan Zhuangyuan new charging piles to solve residents' problems

the depth is not less than 30cm Wenzhou news new 360 charging piles, and the parking shed can be charged within 24 hours... Recently, the appearance of group 9, Luoxi residential area, Luoxi community, Zhuangyuan street, Longwan District has taken on a new look. The phenomenon of privately pulling wires to charge battery cars in the community is gone, and the battery cars are parked in the parking shed orderly

previously, private wires were pulled "flying all over the sky". Now the parking shed can be charged.

Luo Xi lives in a good software system, which can not only be operated easily and quickly, but also the residential area group 9 is located in Wenchang Road, Zhuangyuan street, Longwan District, more than 700 meters away from Ouhai Avenue. It is a closed management community

in the afternoon of October 31, I walked into group 9 of Luoxi residential area and found that the area was clean and orderly. In the open space near the wall, there is a white car shed, which is equipped with charging piles for battery cars

Ms. Chen, the owner, said that with the charging pile, the parking of battery cars has been standardized, and the community environment has improved

Zou Xiaowang is the owner of group 9 of Luoxi residential area and the deputy director of the Industrial Committee of the community. Zou Xiaowang told that the ninth group of Luoxi residential area is a heater in Sanlang bridge and surrounding plots: screw in heaters are the resettlement houses of some villagers, and the owners have more battery cars. In the past, some owners pulled their home wires to the first floor to charge the battery car for convenience. Finally, the situation of private wires is becoming more and more serious, leading to the "flying all over the sky" of private wires in the community

"now, ten new parking sheds have been built in our community, and a total of 360 charging piles have been installed in the parking shed. The battery car has a place that can be charged for 24 hours, which is convenient." Zou Xiaowang said

what if people report the lack of charging piles? Zhuangyuan Street actively connects with "do it now"

there are many battery cars and lack of charging piles in group 9 of Luoxi residential district, Zhuangyuan street, which is one of the "do it now" projects for the livelihood of villages and communities in Wenzhou recently announced. Since the central government deployed to carry out theme education, Longwan has quickly launched the "study first, research first, check first, and reform first", sorted out the problems strongly reflected by the masses, made solid investigation and research, and formulated solutions

this year, in the optimization and adjustment of the scale of villages and communities in the city, Luoxi community was established in 4 villages and 1 village in the south of Ouhai Avenue, which has also become the largest rural housing agglomeration and transformation area in the province involving Longwan District, Ouhai District and Wenzhou Ecological Park. From then on, Luoxi community will undertake the integration and co construction of 9 villages of Sanlong wetland in Ouhai District and 14 villages (houses) in Sanlang bridge in Longwan District Based on two force pillars and measuring 4 villages and 1 house in the district with a dial indicator

Chengjingkang, deputy director of the Zhuangyuan sub district office, said that after the establishment of Luoxi community, the staff of the sub district found that there were many battery cars in the ninth group of Luoxi residential area during the visit. Many people reported that there were many private wires in the community, and there were potential safety hazards

"after knowing the needs of the people, Zhuangyuan Street quickly arranged special personnel to inspect the community on the spot. With the consent of the community owner, it connected with the law enforcement, fire protection and other departments, and installed 360 charging piles in group 9 of Luoxi residential district." Cheng Jingkang said that in the next step, the streets will continue to visit to understand the actual difficulties of the people and implement solutions

source: Wenzhou Metropolis Daily

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