The hottest problems in paper machinery industry

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Problems of paper machinery industry

modern paper industry is a technology, capital, resource, energy intensive industry with significant economies of scale. Relevant parties pointed out that the main goal of China's paper machinery industry at this stage is to improve the technical level of equipment, produce the products needed by paper mills, and try to meet the requirements of manufacturers for high-quality products, low consumption and low pollution

the development of papermaking machinery involves a wide range of technical fields, such as machinery, chemical industry, materials, corrosion prevention, pressure vessels, automatic control and so on. Externally, the driving force for the development of paper machinery mainly comes from the paper market. The huge demand of China's paper market has created a broad space for the development of paper machinery. It is predicted that by the end of the tenth five year plan, the output of paper and paperboard will reach 38-40 million tons, and the new output will reach 8-10 million tons. According to the current production capacity of China's paper machinery industry, it can only meet less than 1/3 of the domestic market demand. However, the development of paper machinery enterprises has been slow, and domestic paper machinery is difficult to meet the needs of the paper industry to a great extent. The development of papermaking market in the future is both an opportunity and a great test for the development of domestic papermaking machinery

domestic paper mills' choice of paper machinery is mainly based on price, technology, reliability, after-sales service, etc. Wholly foreign-owned, joint venture or state subsidized loan enterprises with abundant funds have high requirements for paper machinery and paper products. Such enterprises often choose to import all or part of key equipment. For these customers, at present, domestic paper machine factories are still difficult to meet their requirements, and can only have some localized equipment in bulk products (such as cardboard, etc.)

at this stage, China's paper machinery industry is mainly characterized by product convergence, lack of characteristics, excessive competition, meager profits, unstable product performance, and low technical level. These characteristics show that the paper machinery industry is still in the primary stage of development. On the one hand, low-grade products are relatively surplus and profits are declining; On the other hand, the demand for high-end products is incompetent. This is the biggest feature of the domestic paper machinery market

facing the current situation of China's paper machinery industry, domestic paper machinery enterprises should focus on solving the following four problems:

first, system and capital problems. The development of domestic paper machinery lacks funds, and the lack of funds is closely related to the enterprise operation system. At present, in the domestic paper machinery market, the most active and fast-growing enterprises are almost private enterprises or joint-stock enterprises. State owned or collective enterprises should speed up the joint-stock system reform, try to clarify the property rights relationship, and complete the initial accumulation stage of capital as soon as possible, so as to lay a solid foundation for further development

the development of paper machinery cannot rely on national investment and loans for a long time. It is one aspect to rely on the gradual investment of enterprises themselves, but it may be relatively slow. If domestic equipment can attract development funds in terms of market prospect, operation mechanism and standardization, private funds or foreign capital should be utilized

second, the current situation is that many enterprises are not fully equipped with technical personnel, the level is not high, and the basic theory is not solid enough to be competent for the development and service of products with high technical level, so as to optimize the structure and performance of products

the talent training of enterprises mainly depends on themselves, assisted by the introduction. To go to qualified units or large foreign companies for further study as far as possible, the investment of enterprises in this regard is essential

third, expand the international market. On the one hand, we should seek cooperation with large international companies to provide some supporting facilities; On the other hand, we should explore the markets of developing countries and export complete sets. Through cooperation with large companies, we can accumulate experience in management and manufacturing, obtain knowledge and information that technically focus on the key links of aerospace aluminum research and development, production and utilization, and make full use of foreign management, capital, technology and other advantages. First, we can focus on the basic theory of graphene high molecular composites. At the same time, there may also be some capital accumulation to lay the foundation for further development. Facing the markets of developing countries, China's paper machinery has advantages in scale, price and technology, which is more suitable for the needs of these markets. Developing the markets of developing countries can seek greater market space for domestic paper machinery and further complete the accumulation of capital

IV. clarify market positioning and strengthen division of labor and cooperation. At present, most domestic paper machinery enterprises have the disadvantages of large and complete or small and complete, resulting in the same jaw products that should be replaced at this time, uneven and unstable quality and performance, excessive price competition, and difficult to reduce production costs. At present, the paper industry is in a period of high-grade and large-scale development, which is also a good opportunity for the paper machinery industry to adjust the industrial division of labor, even asset restructuring, and re seek market positioning. Because most enterprises may not be able to meet the requirements of paper manufacturers for mechanical products in terms of technology, quality, accuracy, debugging, and even processing cycle at this stage, enterprises should actively adjust their structure, seek cooperation with enterprises with good market reputation and strong technical and management strength, learn from each other's strengths, so that large enterprises can more concentrate human and material resources for market development and technological development, and supporting enterprises can do a good job in spare parts. This is an inevitable trend

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