Compared with B2C, B2B is far from e-commerce

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Compared with B2C, B2B is far from e-commerce.

recently, the discussion about B2B is gradually becoming a hot spot. B2cs have begun to disperse the advantages of capital and resources to a certain extent, thinking about how to break through the monopoly of big guys, how to grasp customers, and how to think about interconnection. B2bs are actually still wandering outside the door of e-commerce

if I have to compare B2B and B2C, what I want to say is that B2B is complex and non-standard, but B2C is more complex, diverse and difficult to operate on the whole. Is B2B difficult? The difficulty lies in promotion and negotiation, so B2B pays attention to promotion and negotiation. What about B2C? It is more difficult in many links, so B2C pays attention to operation

to be exact, B2C is the whole process e-commerce, while B2B is the half process e-commerce

1. B2C is the whole process of e-commerce, focusing on operation

take tmall store as an example. One day's sales volume of a network store can completely exceed the sales volume of dozens or hundreds of other foreign physical stores in the past few months or even half a year. Network transcends time and space, integrates small crowds into the public, and all kinds of C-end customers flock to it. It's not necessary to say more about personalization, diversification and differentiation. Therefore, B2C, from product selection to store decoration, promotion means, pre-sales and after-sales customer service, payment and express delivery, All of its processes are completed through networking, and all of them are the result of diversification requirements. Therefore, it is the whole process of e-commerce. The challenges it faces can completely win the offline stores, and the complexity of its whole process is absolutely superior to B2B. In particular, in the face of increasingly fierce competition, traditional enterprises continue to wake up, small batch, customization, fast response, selection, decoration, promotion... All of the problems in one link are lost. Therefore, B2C pays attention to operation and overall operation

2. B2B is half way e-commerce, focusing on promotion and negotiation

although the B2B platform has repeatedly guided transactions, in fact, B2B products are still inseparable from batch and standardization. Their products are still previous products, customers are still previous customers, and payment is still previous payment, although it is a little absolute. From the emergence and development of B2B to today, in fact, B2B mainly stays in the network promotion. It's not difficult for 2B brothers. At first, it's easy and cool. Looking at the money falling up and down every day, they will wake up in their dreams. But later, the industry competition is fierce. B2B platforms, search engines, large and small enterprises are flooding in, and gangsters and white Taoists are coming together. While most 2B business owners have a weak sense of management, and the bargaining power is insufficient (the negotiation and networking promotion are disconnected, and the traditional negotiation team is difficult to adapt to the characteristics and requirements of the networking inquiry in the short term), especially the rise of B2C, Seeing 2C's salary rise, 2b's life is sad day by day. Although he works hard every day, he seems to fall into a never-ending situation

2b in addition to the 24 bit high-precision low noise high-speed AD converter, brother, is it difficult? It's really difficult: a single job is done every day. If there is an inquiry every day, there is no deal. If there is no deal for three years, the deal will last for three years. 2B business owners are mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, so they are under great pressure to survive, and pay more attention to profit than fame and profit, so try to compress employees, and do it crazily in a short-term effective way. They don't hesitate to use Mafia practices, that is, it is easy to ignore negotiation power, products, brands, and team management, which leads to 2B transactions with a long return cycle more short-term, don't know how to focus (negotiate), and have no investment philosophy, They don't know how to care for employees, team building, brand building, and there is no time for product construction. They are frantically squeezing employees, changing employees, and constantly changing product lines, and they are getting deeper and deeper

3. Why do B2C enterprises know more about team management and pay more attention to operation

compared with B2B, due to the diversity of B2C customers and the whole process of e-commerce, B2C business is a task of multi link cooperation at the beginning. Merchants realized the importance of team management as early as possible, and smelled the importance of word-of-mouth, customer management, data management, product construction and supply chain construction as early as possible. Therefore, B2C should be ahead of B2B in these aspects

4. Where is the future of B2B

in 2013, the domestic e-commerce transaction volume was 8 trillion, and B2B was 6 trillion. There is no doubt that B2B's position is not within the reach of B2C. After all, B2C is still the twin brother of B2B, so the future of B2B is still bright and beautiful. But survival of the fittest is a natural law, and the fittest can survive. Therefore, although B2B competition will continue, big fish eat small fish, fast fish eat slow fish, after all, is the way of long-term management

therefore, B2B enterprises should know better about strengthening negotiation links, paying more attention to team building, brand management and product construction. Therefore, 2b brothers in the future, effective B2B and SEM promotion is very important, long-term community publicity is more important, full marketing is the only way, online and offline marketing is the only way to complement, store optimization, product optimization... The operation of the whole supply chain is in the near future

therefore, before the B2B platform launches transactions, should we also consider what 2B owners and 2b brothers need more

throwing bricks is to attract jade. B2B and B2C are not who is more important than who. The key lies in how our 2B owners and brothers break through and surpass? Can we say that B2C is in its prime, but if it is at the end of its life, there are not many opportunities, while B2B is still like an arrow in the wings, and there are many opportunities, which are still under our grasp? B2C is about to come out, and we, brother 2B, should work hard

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