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The problem of bottled water lies in barrels recently, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China announced the results of a random inspection of 168 kinds of bottled drinking water, of which 45 kinds were unqualified, accounting for nearly 30% of the sampled products - the problem of bottled water lies in barrels

when SEBS foaming material is heated and melted,

the unqualified items of barreled drinking water mainly include: the total number of colonies exceeds the standard, the conductivity exceeds the standard, and the nitrite of individual products changes to single 1. The extensive plastic granulator is a combination, and the intelligent plastic granulator exceeds the standard

the total number of colonies is an indicator to measure the degree of pollution. Drinking water with an excessive total number of colonies may cause digestive tract infections and other diseases; Conductivity represents the purity of purified water. If the conductivity is too high, it cannot be called purified water; Nitrite is a carcinogenic substance

why are there many problems with bottled drinking water? According to the national food quality supervision and inspection center, the main problem lies in the bucket. The water in the bucket is unsanitary because the bucket is not clean. In recent years, the market demand for bottled drinking water has soared, and the profit margin of bottled water is greater than that of bottled water. Some small manufacturers who simply do not have the production conditions have taken a fancy to this "fat meat", regardless of their own technology and equipment conditions, rushed to the market, unilaterally pursued to reduce production costs, did not strictly implement the "special barrel for special use", did not regularly clean and disinfect buckets, and even recycled and used some unqualified old buckets, The barrels that should be eliminated should be used correctly

experts remind consumers to pay attention when buying bottled water: choose famous brand enterprises with a certain scale and good product quality and service quality; When choosing the water supply point, try to choose the direct selling point of the manufacturer to buy water, so as to avoid someone "stealing the beam and changing the column" in the water supply link; Check the production date carefully, and check the production date on the barrel seal and the packaging data of the waste foam granulator. In addition to being applied to meet the requirements of the modified plastic market for the increasingly improved packaging quality and quantity, the label on the barrel cover is consistent. If the production date is sprayed on the barrel cover or barrel seal by laser, the quality is more reliable. In addition, experts also suggest that consumers change their drinking water frequently, at least every three days, and that drinking fountains should also be cleaned regularly. The General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine will, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the product quality law, order enterprises that produce and sell drinking water that does not meet the national standards for ensuring human health to stop production and sales immediately and make prompt rectification, and require local quality inspection departments to urge enterprises to immediately recycle unqualified drinking water that has been used in the market

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