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Listen to the voice of front-line users John Deere customer care action into the southwest

listen to the voice of front-line users John Deere customer care action into the southwest

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"the voice of customers is the direction of John Deere's efforts". Since Deere entered the Chinese market, it has been listening to customer feedback through various channels and ways, The customer return visit system of Deere senior management is one of the ways to keep pace with the material customers with several examples. Recently, the Deere think tank, which gathered many elites from Deere's R & D, quality management and product support departments, and joined hands with dealers in Sichuan and Yunnan, visited many old customers in the southwest, listened to their valuable suggestions on the use of Deere equipment, and brought a series of value experience services to customers with the rapid development of China's new material industry

(group photo of John Deere's team and dealers with Sichuan customers)

(John Deere excavator works on the customer's site)

Deere equipment shines brightly in Sichuan

on July 27, a customer care team led by Doug Maier, global equipment director of John Deere construction machinery, and Jiang Liang, director of Deere Tianjin Construction Machinery Factory (6) a group of ten people came to Wenchuan, the first stop of the operation, with excessive pressure on the pressure stabilizing spring of the oil spill valve. Mr. Pan, a client in Wenchuan, has strong strength. He owns multiple quarries with an annual aggregate output of tens of millions of tons. His quarries are also an arena for world-famous construction machinery brands. Many construction machinery and equipment with excellent performance create value for Mr. Pan on the construction site. He purchased a Deere e360lc excavator in the middle of 2016, and the mining party has always praised the outstanding performance and high attendance rate of this equipment

this summer, when the south of China was suddenly attacked by heavy rainfall, a local main road was blocked by debris flow. Because the place where the incident occurred was close to the quarry, this e360lc excavator was called to support and quickly opened the rescue channel to the disaster area together with several rescue equipment. Deere's e360lc excavator played an important role in the disaster relief operation, and the mining party was also praised by the local government for its rapid response and humanitarian spirit in the disaster relief process. Mr. Pan said that he was impressed by the performance of Deere's e360lc excavator. He was also very satisfied with the service level and response speed of the local dealer Sichuan handy, and he would continue to support Deere's work

(group photo of John Deere team and dealers with customers)

Deere team visited the south of Caiyun

after leaving Sichuan, Yunnan dealers cooperated with Deere team to visit sandstone factory customers in Yunnan Province. In 2016, general manager Wang, a client of the gravel factory in Qujing, Yunnan Province, successively purchased a wl53 loader and an e360lc excavator from Deere to increase the output of gravel. Due to the very strict working conditions of the gravel plant, the braking system of most brand loaders under construction at the site has suffered serious losses, and Deere's wl53 loader has also suffered a certain degree of wear. Deere's engineers went to the site to collect data, upgraded the design of this part, and promised to improve and upgrade products for old customers such as president Wang for free. It is this practice of improving customer satisfaction at all costs that has left a deep impression on customers. Mr. Wang, the customer, said that the speed and execution of Deere manufacturers and dealers to solve problems surprised him. He would not only continue to buy Deere equipment, but also recommend the Deere brand to his friends

after that, Deere's customer care team visited other customers in Yunnan Province to check the vehicle condition and debug the equipment for customers one by one, timely find out the improper operation and maintenance of the equipment, and train operators in formal equipment maintenance and operation procedures to eliminate potential problems in the bud. In the communication with front-line customers and construction personnel, Deere and the dealer's visiting team also learned a lot of first-hand information, providing an accurate basis for future product optimization and service upgrading

in the future, John Deere's customer care activities will not carry out any analysis and testing, but also approach users, listen to users' voices from the perspective of users, and build a communication bridge between Deere and users

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