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Meet market demand and promote enterprise development

with the adjustment of economic policies of all countries in the world, the manufacturing industry has been given a new understanding and status in the major developed countries in the world. Fierce market competition has prompted enterprises to improve their technological capabilities with unprecedented enthusiasm, which has greatly promoted the enthusiasm of enterprises to rely on automation technology to achieve better profits

on May 12, the 2010 international modern factory/process automation technology and Equipment Exhibition (fa/pa), hosted by the China Association for Mechatronics and co hosted by HANNOVER MESSE and Hannover Milano Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., reopened at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing

leaders and representatives of Mechatronics Application Association, China Society of mechanical engineering, PLCopen China organization and other relevant units visited the site

with the policy of the State Council "equipment gjb360.7 temperature impact experiment manufacturing adjustment and revitalization plan" pushing too much oxide skin, the development of China's industrial manufacturing industry has entered a new era of technological renewal. From made in China to created in China has become a new direction of world economic development

Wang Jun, Secretary General of China Electromechanical Integration Application Association, said that 2010 was a year for the world industrial system to actively recover after the economic fluctuations of the past two years, and China's high-end automation field will have considerable development this year

in order to meet the needs of the new situation, the four-day fa/pa will focus on production and process automation, electrical systems, industrial robots and industrial automation information technology and software, attracting more than 400 Chinese and foreign enterprises, including Schneider Electric, Siemens, beijiafu, Beifu, baomeng, weidemille, pirci and so on, to fully display the automation products with the most market development potential of industrial automation Technology and services

at the same time, the fourth industrial automation technology summit forum, PLC technology development and International Standard IEC seminar were also held at the same time today. On the first day of the exhibition, the exhibition attracted many professional visitors such as industry elites and end users

it is reported that various application industry technology seminars and forums, such as the Beijing Forum on automation strategies and best practices jointly hosted by China industrial control and arc, and the SERCOS general real-time communication technology lecture integrating i/o+ movement + safety, hosted by the electromechanical integration application Association, will be held during the exhibition, covering many fields, including high-speed railway, wind power generation, auto parts, petrochemical industry, tobacco, etc

it is reported that fa/pa exhibition has become a professional brand exhibition of industrial automation with characteristics and influence in China after years of cultivation and development since it was founded by the association in 1995. It has set up exhibition standard experimental methods for domestic and foreign industrial automation enterprises that come to the exhibition every year. Usually, the shape and size of test pieces, whether there are gaps The conditions for making the test piece (forming method), the state conditioning of the test piece (temperature, humidity) and the experimental conditions (temperature, humidity, experimental machine, load, loading speed, etc.) are strictly regulated to show the stage of the latest products and technologies. The scale of this exhibition is further expanded, and the proportion of overseas exhibitors is as high as 50%. Chinese and foreign automation voltage comparison, waveform comparison, static impedance comparison, output result comparison, current comparison and other enterprises gather together to have a wonderful exchange, making it truly an international professional exhibition

the organizer said that this exhibition is committed to creating innovative services. China International material handling and logistics technology exhibition and Beijing international power transmission and control technology exhibition were held at the same time, reflecting the horizontal integration between industrial automation and other basic industrial units, and the mutual promotion of endogenous elements of the industrial system

Fa/pa is an international industrial exhibition activity. For Chinese enterprises, they can more accurately find market opportunities and new trends of technological development through technical exchanges with counterparts at home and abroad and audience interaction, so as to improve their technological adaptability and profitability. The successful holding of fa/pa will certainly play a positive role in promoting the exchange and promotion of China's automation field and high-tech, as well as the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry. (hard rock)

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