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UPM improves the supply system of Indian label market

UPM group, the world paper giant (put the breakpoint ratio and return to the waiting test interface UPM) has established a product cutting and distribution site in Mumbai, India, and provided new cutting equipment for the site. UPM company said that the new site is conducive to improving the company's supply system, and can use less delivery time to deliver more kinds of products to customers when they choose to buy the vibrating table and mortar mixer specified in the new standard. The investment also reflects the company's long-term development goals for the Indian label market

jussi Vanhanen, President of UPM, said that we believe local customers will be satisfied with our high-quality film and label supply, and our company has always been famous in the manufacture of laminated paper

in addition to setting up distribution sites in Mumbai, the company also announced the establishment of new distribution sites in Auckland, New Zealand and Bangkok, Thailand. In March, the company was set up in Changshu, a key country to increase production, and the equipment has been put into production. The company's factories in Malaysia and Australia have also been put into operation

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