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Let the world witness China's power zero kilometer "Iron Man" galloping on the Dakar stadium

let the world witness China's power zero kilometer "Iron Man" galloping on the Dakar stadium

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January 6-20, 2018, The 2018 Dakar rally will be held in Peru, Bolivia and Argentina in South America. This year's Dakar Rally is of special significance to this old race: it is the 40th race in Dakar and the 10th year since Dakar moved to the South American continent. Although Dakar is called "rally", its essence is a long-distance endurance race far away from the road. Its terrain challenge is far more complex and difficult than ordinary rally, so it is known as "the game of the brave" and "the world's hardest cross-country rally". Today, "Dakar" has become a synonym for cross-country and adventurous spirit. It is the ultimate race that cross-country lovers all over the world yearn for, and it is known all over the world

official poster of Dakar 2018

as a wild place carrying the concept of cross-country, the South American continent provides a hot stage for Dakar. Pampas grassland is vast and green, the Andes mountains are towering into the clouds, and the yellow sand of Atacama is boundless... The world-class geographical wonders endow Dakar with thousands of styles, and the flowery landform makes this field swaying. The 2018 Dakar rally was held on this warm fertile land. From January 6 to 20, the contestants will start from Lima, the capital of Peru, go south through the vast desert, cross the Pacific coast stage, directly cross the Andes and enter Bolivia. After recuperation in La Paz, 4000 meters above sea level, they will drive into Argentina, and finally cross the hot road covered with stones to the final destination of the event - Cordoba, Argentina's second largest city. There is no doubt that this is the final arena for the world's top cross-country drivers, and the scale and brilliance of the race will surely amaze the world. To participate in the Dakar Rally in person is not only a kind of enjoyment of beauty, but also the yearning of every passionate brave man, and it is also the long-term dream of the Autobots and the lubricant industry

determined to achieve perfect lubrication and realize the dream of South America, a zero kilometer lubricant fleet was formed to compete in this Dakar battlefield, waving the flag and shouting for China's Independent Lubricant brands. To participate in the Dakar Rally, a powerful power system is essential, but the use of high-quality lubricants can not be ignored. In particular, the oil has high-temperature oxidation resistance, high-temperature shear resistance, extremely high oil film compression resistance, and excellent cleaning and dispersion performance. Because in Dakar Rally, the engine is in a state of extreme high-power operation, and the speed is not very fast, the engine can not get good heat dissipation, and continuous high temperature will cause the engine to produce destructive particles, which will affect the performance of the whole car

zero kilometer lubricant buggyra fleet unveiled in Dakar 2018

Shandong Ruifu lithium industry's 20000 ton lithium carbonate production line was put into trial production in the second half of 2017. With its own fleet and passing the race, it is the most direct way to inspect and break through the quality of oil products. In this expedition, the team adopts zero kilometer "Iron Man" series lubrication products to ensure the ultimate oil guarantee. This is also the first time that domestic engine oil is loaded into Dakar racing car, and it is the first time to achieve zero kilometers

the zero kilometer team brand logo

is different from many "sword walking off the edge" unpopular racing special oil. The "Iron Man" used in this Dakar racing is a high-end series widely used by zero kilometer, covering passenger cars, commercial vehicles, transmission systems and other oil products. Compared with the products on the market, the "Iron Man" on the field is a customized viscosity grade specially matched with the high-power Dakar engine. To test the oil quality with the rigorous challenge of the competition is the concept and method of zero kilometer lubricant to achieve the brand with high quality

it is reported that "Iron Man" selects the best raw materials in the world, and is formulated with PA0, ester base oil and high-performance additives. Special performance additives are added to ensure greater power output of high-power engines under harsh conditions. "Iron Man" products have ultra-high shear stability, effectively reducing wear and power loss. With a wider viscosity space, technicians can be provided with more training options. "Iron Man" has good sealing performance, and the high-efficiency oil film effectively prevents the oil at the piston ring from rushing into the combustion chamber and burning. The most effective detergent dispersant in the world is used to effectively inhibit the formation of sludge carbon in the turbocharger oil duct. Excellent rolling friction can effectively form spherical fluid and reduce noise. "Iron Man" has excellent high temperature resistance. It can effectively ensure the good operation of the engine under the conditions of high temperature in hot summer and long-term use of air conditioning in urban areas. Good low temperature fluidity. Under extremely cold and low temperature conditions, the engine oil quickly reaches the friction surface at the first time to prevent dry friction

since arriving at the starting station Lima on January 3, the zero kilometer lubricant buggyra team has been preparing for the war. Camp entry, inspection, maintenance... In the face of the dream that is about to be realized at present, everyone works day and night not only for the victory of the race, but also the perfect embodiment of zero kilometer people's harsh quality and perfection

team drivers are preparing for the battle.

Lima is the city with the lowest annual rainfall in the world, known as the "city without rain". At this moment, however, the quiet city of Lima is filled with anxiety and excitement. This is not the precursor of the storm, but the surging fighting spirit of the zero kilometer people. After more than 100 years of development, the plastic extruder is about to show infinite brilliance in the competition

the team is ready to go

industry review:

new era, new weather, new achievements. Create a happy future with struggle, and test the quality of oil products with competitions! At the beginning of the new year, the zero kilometer lubricant buggyra team took part in the Dakar race with great strength, making way for difficulties. Zero kilometer lubricants adhere to the spirit of quality first, test the quality of oil products and interpret the quality of products with the rigorous challenge of the competition. As the "lubtop2017 top ten independent lubricant brands in China", zero kilometer is striving to start a new journey to build a first-class lubricant enterprise with global competitiveness. The platform of nine floors starts from tiring soil. To turn this blueprint into reality, zero kilometer people will not be idle in fantasy, not focused on empty sound, step by step. We have reason to expect that the zero kilometer lubricant buggyra team will work hard to let the world witness China's quality and strength with a high-level race

aerial view of the zero kilometer team camp

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