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Invite Sinopec scientists to participate in iq-chem global competition

world leading enterprises in natural gas processing, petrochemical and chemical fields will work together to promote innovation and development in this field. Before March 1st, 2017, chemical technology start-ups can sign up for Sibur, Dow Chemical, DuPont, Solvay group, 3M and Aksu ž IQ chip competition jointly organized by Nobel, BASF, LG Chemical, Henkel, Linde Group, Technip and Honeywell UOP

& especially thermoplastic composites emsp; This is an innovative scheme aimed at discovering and encouraging the use of potential development in chemical production technology and application fields, which will help to realize the development and modernization of the industry, improve energy efficiency, and ensure the development of adjacent industries and the improvement of social quality of life

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"we expect Chinese researchers to participate in the IQ Chem competition. China's innovation ability in the petrochemical industry provides a huge opportunity for the global development of the industry. China's research institutions and centers cooperate internationally and obtain an experimental space. A global platform adjusted by the lead screw allows them to explore the needs of the market. Global companies can be familiar with the achievements of Chinese colleagues. IQ Chem competition is such a platform! "Said Dmitry styopkin, head of enterprise research and development of sipur company.

Vasily, executive director of sipur company ž Nomokonov stressed that the petrochemical industry can and must use the potential of open innovation to promote the further discovery and implementation of new solutions in all major areas, from architecture and medicine to packaging and 3D printing. Thanks to the participation of international partners, IQ Chem competition has gradually become a unique project in the industry to attract innovative programs, and it also has unique potential in implementing these programs

the entries must involve the following innovative technologies and products: natural gas processing and transportation; Production and application of plastics, synthetic rubber, basic monomers and special chemicals; As well as cutting-edge equipment and process schemes used to improve the operation efficiency of chemical process flow,

the jury will be composed of more than 30 international experts from partner companies, scientific research institutions and investment institutions. The award-winning start-up company will get the opportunity to cooperate with the world's leading chemical enterprises and receive bonuses. The total prize money of the competition is $55000

to apply for entry, you need to fill in the application materials at the visiting station before March 1, 2017. Based on this, the winners' estimation list will be announced during startup village 2017, one of the largest entrepreneurship forums in Moscow, on June 5, 2017

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