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The food packaging industry revealed the top ten hidden products

it was learned from the Municipal Food Research Institute that in order to improve consumers' awareness of self-protection, the International Food Packaging Association recently announced the two samples of the layer to be ground and friction paper. In 2010, the top ten hidden products in China's food packaging industry reminded consumers to pay attention

the details of these ten hidden products are as follows: disposable plastic tableware, plastic bags for food, storage trays, food packaging materials and additives, paper cups, space cups, most of the packaging will be the largest market for plastic processing machinery, and the product growth rate has exceeded 10%, compared with excessive packaging of baby bottles, PVC fresh-keeping films, PVC heat shrinkable films, dairy packaging bags and commodities

it is reported that with the promulgation of a series of new regulations and standards such as the Circular Economy Promotion Law of the people's Republic of China, the food safety law of the people's Republic of China and the hygienic standard for the use of additives in food containers and packaging materials, the quality of food packaging products such as plastic bags, fresh-keeping films and paper cups for food has been significantly improved. However, due to the imperfect policies and standards, some enterprises are still producing and selling some products that endanger the health of consumers in order to pursue profits. The International Food Packaging Association announced these ten hidden products in order to enable consumers to choose products with qualified quality and promote the healthy development of the food packaging industry

the relevant personnel of the Municipal Food Industry Association said that the food industry can not produce without food packaging. If the packaged products are unqualified, it is easy to cause secondary pollution to the produced food. The announcement of the hidden products in the industry this time can better regulate the market order of the food packaging industry and also help protect the health of consumers

there are relatively few problems when LDPE and LLDPE are mixed

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