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Innovative technology of fresh-keeping film

rice fresh-keeping packaging bag a Japanese company has launched a strong sealing packaging bag, which is made of a kind of plastic called "qikelen", which has excellent oxygen isolation function, which is the core of the sustainable development of the enterprise. According to the figures released by Turkey's state-run anadulu news agency, using it to package new rice has a particularly good fresh-keeping effect, and can keep the color, aroma and taste of rice unchanged for a long time, Moreover, the carbon dioxide produced in the bag also has the effect of insect prevention and mold prevention

new method of grain preservation Bulgarian agricultural experts have invented a new method of grain preservation that is simple and economical. After the crops are harvested, the seeds are slightly dried, put into a large bag made of polyethylene material, and then sealed. The grain preserved in this way will neither volatilize water nor become moldy. It can be preserved until the next spring, and the nutritional components of the grain will not be reduced at all

fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping film Japanese experts have developed a disposable fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping film, which consists of two layers of nylon semi packer 'target' with strong water permeability=_ Blank> it is composed of transparent membrane, and sugar syrup with high osmotic pressure is installed between the two layers. Using this kind of fresh-keeping film to package fruits and vegetables can slowly absorb the water seeping from the surface of fruits and vegetables, so as to achieve the purpose of fresh-keeping

fruit preservation packaging box a Japanese paper company produced a fruit preservation packaging box. It is to add a layer of polyethylene film on the corrugated paper liner of the corrugated box, and then apply a waterproof wax coating containing a trace of water, which depends on the geometry of the screw. The fruit disinfectant is used to prevent the evaporation of fruit water and inhibit respiration, so as to achieve the purpose of fresh preservation. The fruit packed in this packing box can keep fresh for a month

fresh keeping method of fruits and vegetables by air in order to keep fruits and vegetables fresh during air transportation, an American company invented a new method to reduce oxygen content and increase nitrogen content in packaging boxes to keep fruits and vegetables fresh. This method uses a new type of packing box with air conditioning performance in air transportation. This kind of packing has a special film. The film fiber can absorb oxygen molecules and let nitrogen pass through. In this way, after entering the packaging box through the film in the air, the nitrogen content in the box can be up to more than 98%, so as to slow down the respiration of fruits and vegetables and achieve the purpose of keeping fresh for a long time

new fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping bags an American company has launched a new type of fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping plastic bag, which can prolong the fresh-keeping period of fruits and vegetables and reduce the losses caused by too fast ripening of fruits and vegetables. This kind of packaging bag is made of natural activated clay and polyethylene, which is like a very fine filter screen. The gas and water produced by fruits and vegetables in the ripening process can pass through the packaging bag, and it is not easy to breed fungi in the bag, which can prolong the fresh-keeping period of fruits and vegetables as the main structural material by more than one time

new packaging for transporting live shrimp in Hokkaido, Japan, a food company has successfully developed special packaging for transporting live shrimp in order to solve the problem that it is difficult for citizens to eat live shrimp. The package uses polyethylene as the inner layer and foam ethylene as the outer layer, and crushed ice is placed between the two layers. The inner layer should be prevented from water leakage, and the outer layer should be prevented from damage. Put sterilized seawater and a certain amount of oxygen into the polyethylene inner tank where the live shrimp moves, and then seal it tightly with a cover, and then it can be transported. With this method, the survival rate of live shrimp can be maintained above 90% within 24 hours even when the external temperature is as high as 40 ℃. When the external temperature is low, the survival rate of live shrimp will be higher

source: Kecheng plastic machine

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