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Weifeng develops SMD packaging machine

Taiwan Weifeng company develops SMD semi-automatic packaging machine and adhesive film peel strength measuring machine, which is a special machine for electronic packaging, and provides lower belt design, upper belt matching, packaging machine manufacturing to Valet packaging, etc., to meet customers' one-time purchase needs, suitable for SMD electronic parts and IC semiconductors

the SMD semi-automatic packaging machine developed by Weifeng company is applicable to the carrier tape and cover tape of various SMDS, ranging from 8mm to 200mm, pressure sensitive top tape (PSA cover T3, April 17, APE) to heat active cover tape, etc. it has the coexistence of segmentless track adjustment (8mm~24mm) and fixed track adjustment (32mm~200mm), and it can change the size at will without the need to purchase and treat another 350000 tons of general plastics, The feeding rack can be equipped with 7 "to 22" reels, which is easy to install. The receiving rack is suitable for 7-inch to 14 inch plastic reels (reels). The independent sealing cutter head can seal the temperature safety belt tension test independently. He is also faced with many cumbersome working machines, beautiful appearance and sealing pressure. The gear drives the counting, which can be used for transparent and non transparent lower belts (carrier); There are also adjustable rubber pressing wheels, which are suitable for pressure sensing upper belt and heat sealing upper belt; Foot switch can be used with both hands and feet to improve work efficiency

the adhesive film peel strength tester can accurately measure the adhesive peel strength of the upper and lower tapes. It is an intelligent tester combined with a computer. The exclusive data format has great credibility. It can provide SMD parts manufacturers with a dedicated quality test for quality control before leaving the factory and when customers purchase goods. It also has an intelligent and exclusive AI conversion card. The conversion value has zero error. The peel strength measurement process can be displayed on the computer screen immediately, The test results can be printed in the report, which contains the Japanese AIKOH (500g) tensile head, and the test values are accurate. The test speed can be switched to 120mm/min or 300mm/min, and the test length can be switched to 170mm/250mm

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