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When nanotechnology "meets" carton printing

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core tip: Nowadays, the requirements of green environmental protection and high quality and efficiency in industrial production make advanced science and technology popular, and nanotechnology, which has always been at the center of the topic, has also attracted increasing attention So what happens when nano printing technology meets carton printing

[China Packaging News] Nowadays, the requirements of green environmental protection, high quality and high efficiency in industrial production make advanced science and technology popular, and nano printing technology, which has always been at the center of the topic, has attracted increasing attention So what happens when nano printing technology meets carton printing

what is nano printing technology?

nano printing technology invented by beneranda, the father of digital printing, has been expected to fill the market gap between offset printing and digital printing since its birth Its working mode is as follows: first, Landa nano ink is injected into the print head, which is a kind of water-based ink containing nano pigment particles During printing, the ink is first transferred to a Heated Blanket and then to the substrate. The substrate that can be compatible with it mainly includes standard coated paper or uncoated paper, plastic packaging film or label paper without special treatment

nano image printing technology, in the final analysis, is a new type of imprint transfer technology, which will be widely used in the processing of nano concave convex graphics Nano image printing technology is to take the mold with nano concave convex image as the printing plate, use the silicon or glass coated with polymer in advance as the substrate (printed object), and then separate the mold from the substrate after accurate imprinting and finalization with the cooperation of corresponding equipment and appliances, which are expected to occupy the largest market share At this time, people will find that the nano concave convex image on the mold surface will be accurately transferred to the polymer film on the substrate surface The transferred image has the same size and depth as the concave and convex figure on the mold surface But the shape is just the opposite (the image from Yin to Yang), that is, the convex part of the former is the concave part of the latter, and vice versa This technology, which uses the principle of printing die to transfer nano concave convex patterns, is called nano image printing technology

nano printing technology, it is necessary to check whether the experimental machine has started the advantage of the limit protection device.

the biggest advantage of nano printing technology lies in its ultra-small ink particles After reaching the nanometer scale, the properties of many materials will change Nano ink in this regard is very excellent performance Due to its hard texture, this kind of ink has strong abrasion and scratch resistance Nano ink can absorb more light, so it can provide a wider CMYK color gamut In addition, tiny pigment particles can make the ink film more uniform and the image clearer

once the nano ink is transferred to the Heated Blanket, the moisture contained in it will evaporate and leave an ultra-thin ink film So people don't have to wait for the ink film to dry, which is common in offset printing and digital printing, and can go directly to the next production step In addition, the nano Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. welcomes you to print. It also allows users to print more colors in the printing area without oversaturation The nano ink can print up to 8 colors with a resolution between 600dpi and 1200dpi. The speed can reach 13000 pages/h and 200m/min on the sheet fed and web press respectively

application of nano printing technology in carton printing

in the process of carton printing, ink materials play a decisive role in the printing quality of products Now let's introduce a new ink, which can help improve the printing quality

the operation of carton plastic granulator touches a wide range of areas of the national economy. The face paper printing cannot be separated from the ink. The ink produced by the traditional process inevitably has one or another disadvantages in use, which directly or indirectly affects the production efficiency and quality of cartons For example, in the production process of ordinary inks, surfactants are generally added to reduce the surface tension of the binder, so as to increase the affinity between the molecules

nano particles have good surface wettability. They are adsorbed on the surface of pigment particles in the ink, which significantly improves the lipophilic and wettability of the ink, and can better improve the printability of the ink The so-called nano particles refer to metal and its oxide particles, non-metallic particles, including organic or inorganic particles Nano - particle composition and characteristics of different, made of ink characteristics also have some differences Nano metal particles can absorb all kinds of wavelengths of light, and their own color is black, but they can scatter light Therefore, the ink with metal nanoparticles has higher purity and density, which is the process effect that ordinary materials can not achieve. This is the basic law of actual performance The use of high and new technology to make resins, pigments, fillers and other nano materials can also achieve the effect of reducing the amount of pigments without reducing the hiding power of the ink If added to UV ink, it can also accelerate the curing speed and effectively avoid the shrinkage and wrinkling of the ink film

in addition, after the surface of semiconductor nanoparticles is chemically modified, the media around the particles can strongly affect their optical properties. Adding them to yellow and cyan inks can make nano inks, which can increase the purity of yellow and cyan inks, make prints more colorful and rich in layers, significantly enhance the fine layers of images, and improve the sun fastness and anti discoloration properties of imprints Since various raw materials in nano ink are composed of nano particles, the smaller their molecular structure, the better their evenness and fluidity, and the smaller their friction coefficient to the printing plate, which is conducive to preventing or reducing the quality failures such as plate pasting, dirty plate and plate dropping in the printing process, so as to better improve the printing quality of carton products

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