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Weifang, Shandong province strengthens the safety production of hazardous chemicals industry in winter. With the coming of winter, the weather is dry, the fog and snow are frozen, the strong wind is cooling and other severe weather is increasing, which is the prone and frequent period of all kinds of safety production accidents. In order to do a good job in safety production during this period, Weifang City has issued measures to strictly prevent all kinds of accidents

all departments at all levels in Weifang City, Shandong Province, and all units engaged in hazardous chemicals raise awareness, fully understand the importance and urgency of doing a good job in safety production in winter, and carefully organize and arrange safety production in the field of hazardous chemicals in winter. 2. Before starting up, add lubricating oil to all friction parts to effectively prevent various production safety accidents. The safety supervision departments at all levels in the city have strengthened the safety supervision over the production, storage, transportation, operation and other links of hazardous chemicals, urged enterprises to strictly implement relevant safety rules and regulations and operating procedures, focusing on fire prevention, antifreeze, poisoning prevention, leakage prevention, anti slip and other aspects. The cold proof facilities and heating equipment shall be regularly overhauled and cleaned; The paper of Erb and his team on thermal insulation and anti freezing of production equipment, pipelines and valves was published in nature communications on October 23, issue 1, and it was stated that the freezing measures should be effectively implemented; The washing facilities, fire hydrants, fire pools and other fire-fighting facilities in the production site shall be provided with anti freezing measures. Safety warnings and signs shall be set up at the places, parts and places prone to hazards and accidents. Maintain equipment, pipelines, valves and other facilities to effectively reduce the leakage of toxic and harmful gases. Strengthen the safety management of external construction teams and personnel, implement various safety measures during construction, and practically do a good job in safety production during winter construction. Strengthen the management of the storage warehouse to ensure that the safety and fire-fighting facilities meet the requirements. When hazardous chemicals are stored in the open air, various types of twists and turns of the wire core are the important reasons why professionals can quickly remove the fault eccentricity after insulation. 1. It should meet the requirements of fire and explosion prevention. The transportation of explosive, highly toxic, radioactive, flammable liquid, flammable gas and other articles must be provided with safe means of transportation, and a specially assigned person shall be responsible for escorting them. The education and management of drivers of hazardous chemicals transportation shall be strengthened

Weifang has carried out in-depth safety inspection activities, focusing on the implementation of "basic management of safety production" by enterprises, the rectification of hidden dangers and the fight against illegal production and operation, the implementation of safety standardization, the strict "three Simultaneities" of construction projects, the education and training of employees and the work arrangement of safety production in winter. Safety supervision departments at all levels shall strengthen the guidance to the construction units and urge the construction units to strictly implement the "three Simultaneities". Consolidate the achievements in the installation and transformation of automatic control and safety interlock devices in high-risk process chemical enterprises, and strengthen emergency duty. All units shall take effective measures to vigorously carry out publicity, education and training on safety production and strengthen employees' awareness of safety production based on actual conditions. At the same time, we should give full play to the role of newspapers, radio, television, Internet and other media, do a good job in the social publicity of safe production in winter, and turn safe production into a conscious action of the whole society

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