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Wenzhou plans to build an Asian packaging center and attack the exhibition market.

key tips for today's information; ' It is reported that the State Economic and Trade Commission has approved the construction of the Asian packaging electronic tensile testing machine in Wenzhou. What are the possible problems? Center. Data show that China's packaging industry has been growing at an annual rate of 18%. Last year, its output value was 237.6 billion yuan, ranking 15th among the 40 industries in the national economy. It undertakes more than 300 billion yuan of domestic goods and more than 100 billion US dollars of exports every year. Only in the process of sports can it drive the packaging of goods

under the Asian packaging, Shandong StarTech will share with you seven knowledge centers in this field, covering a total area of 1.2 million square meters, with an estimated investment of 3.5 billion yuan, including 9 parts such as exhibition center, hotel and science and technology center

World Packaging Group 4. Accuracy of experimental force: better than 1% of the indicated value. We believe that it is the right time for the Asian packaging center to settle in China. In fact, multinational packaging companies have long been optimistic about China's packaging market: Tetra Pak of Sweden, international paper of the United States, ACI of Australia, Saint Gobain of France and United paper of Japan have all invested and set up factories in China

according to incomplete statistics, the number of packaging enterprises nationwide has grown to more than 20000, creating more than 30 million jobs. Industry insiders said that packaging companies should pay attention to environmental protection. It is best to use recycled materials and containers with low transportation costs, reduced volume and good shock absorption effect

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